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Eldritch Haiku

It’s really something when an idea hits you while driving home. These haiku started last night. A little ode to the old ones.

Five, seven and five

To raise, to bind, to release

The sleeping old ones


Our voices sing loudly

Our arms lifted high above

Until we feel fear


Pain and blood ring loud

A clarion bell through time

Ringing at our door


Nyarlathotep comes

Dancing on the spines of men

Like walking up stairs



Though men try, seeking power

Finding only death


Insanity calls

Answered in dreams and nightmares

Until day light shines


Dark water drips down

From outside of the outside

Drowning sanity


Sleep, oldest of all

Dreaming the world up again

Screaming when you wake


Crawling thing slips in

Between the wall of dreaming

Then the dripping blood


Hungry starving teeth

Gaping maw that shouldn’t be

Full from disbelief


Stupid children play

At wizards games with fiction

But inside hides truth


It hears soft chanting

Growing loud and insistent

An opening door


Creeping crawling sludge

Eyes open out of nothing

It should not be seen

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