Tis the Season

The 12 days of Creepfest have officially started. I am looking forward to hopping around the blogs and seeing what’s out there. Hopefully, you will to. I also feel like I should be placing more content up here for you hoppers to enjoy. With that in mind here is a flash fiction to get things started.



Mark’s eyes snapped open. Not that he could see anything in the dark but he couldn’t help it. Something had woken him. He felt his skin crawl as he tried to keep his breathing steady. He listened carefully. Chris was beside him breathing softly. The little rat of a dog was beside his left ankle. Nothing seemed out of place.

The scratch was quiet but Mark heard it clearly. A single thing began dragging along the wall. He could imagine the tip of a knife leaving a scratch in the drywall.

The sound was coming closer to the bedroom door.

  1. December 13, 2011 at 10:04 AM

    Quite creepy!

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