Ahhh. Saturday

Funny thing about a Saturday. I have more work to do today than what I do on any regular business work day. Life is full, which is great, but man is the lack of down time hard to handle.

At this moment, I am finally eating some breakfast after doing the morning chores. My oldest son is out and working with a friend somewhere while the younger two are in the living room fighting. The daughter had a sleep over so they are still out.

If only the parents life was anywhere nearly this simple and worry free.

Enjoy another piece of flash fiction for the 12 Days of Creepfest. Have a good weekend.


Writers Block

It was a dark and stormy night.

Except that it was just past noon on a bright and sunny Tuesday in July.

I ripped the page out of my typewriter and crumpled it up. I shoot and miss. Another full sheet paper wad joins its brothers on the floor of my office. “I hate starting new stories. I never know what to write.” I say, thinking that I am alone.

“I know what you could write about.”

I turn to find my wife standing in the doorway; a towel around her head and smile on her face.

“Tell me more.”

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