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A sudden change of pace

I have to say that there are times when people surprise you. They do something out of the ordinary and you just don’t quite know what to make of it. Other times, it is life that throws you for a loop. Random chance and happenstance gather together and slap you. These things happen all the time and if you watch you can see it happen to others.

When you do something yourself though, then you have to wonder where that came from. Yesterday, I started writing slightly longer flash fiction pieces. I have been sticking to the 100 word format and it isn’t bad but I would rather say more. Then, I found a couple of magazines that are looking for flash fiction up to 1000 words. Time to start writing bigger.

So I began like most of my short stories do. I just dive in and see where it goes. Suddenly, I have a whole lot more written than I thought I would and it isn’t done yet. I see this moving to a series of shorts about one character. Maybe even putting them together as a collection.

I surprised myself and that was kind of nice. In what was an otherwise dreary and disappointing day something interesting took root.

But enough about me, here is your daily dose of flash fiction for the 12 Days of Creepfest. I hope you enjoy it.

L. E. White

My Favorite Magic

She withered and wiggled in front of me as she responded to the rhythmic motions of our bodies. She enjoyed this and was happy to be of assistance since I had already gotten her off. I was glad she was okay with it. Not everyone would be willing to do this. So many people were afraid that something like this would condemn them to hell.

I focused on the squiggles I had drawn on her back. I raised the power and with my release she gasped, telling me it amazed her that what I drew grew hot when I finished.


  1. December 22, 2011 at 4:56 AM

    Interesting piece of flash fic 😉 You’ll probably get along with Annetta Ribken 🙂 Thanks for taking time out of your busy life to participate in the Creepfest hop! Very much appreciated! Now I’m going to go Tweet this. I’m not good at Haiku but some Tweeple I know are!

  2. December 22, 2011 at 7:54 AM

    Thanks for stopping by and I appreciate the comments. You might not think you are good at Haiku but you should still give it a try. You might surprise yourself.

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