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Wampus Bread

My son comes in from working with my father and says, “Pa told me to ask you about the Wampus Bread?” Pa, because he refuses to be called Grandpa.

My wife sighed. Having heard this story before the boy was old enough to remember. That, and because she got to see me pull out my story telling hat again. It’s an imaginary hat, but I need to get a real one. Anyway, that one little question allowed me to inflict another tale of yester year on my family and now on you guys.

So, when I was a kid I started reading Field and Stream. My mother had gotten me a subscription to encourage reading and I kept it from about 10 to 21 so I would say it worked. Anyway, there were always recipes for wild game in there mixed in with the advice, tips and stories. Wampus Bread  came from one of the stories about a hunting trip. I have never found the recipe on the Field and Stream website so I can’t link to the article, I will paraphrase my memory of the story as best as I can.

The author had went on a charter fishing trip down along the coasts of the Gulf of Mexico. The were fishing salt, brackish and fresh water and accordingly had a wide variety of catch. The cook was deep-frying black tip shark, catfish and everything else they brought in.

The author and the other first timers were gobbling up everything coming out of the oil when he noticed that a few of the guys who had been on this trip before were taking their time. He could tell they were waiting for something so he started doing the same. Shortly after that, the cook started making the bread.

A mixture or batter, potatoes, tomatoes, onion and spices turned into a slightly orange looking hush puppy that the author described as heavenly. He included the recipe for all the readers and one dumb kid in Indiana decided he was going to make them for his family.

They were good, I wouldn’t call them heavenly but I remember liking them. The taste wasn’t the problem, the problem was that I followed the recipe exactly like it had been printed. To give you an idea, I remember fixing something like 8 potatoes.

Yup, it was written to make enough bread for an entire fishing camp for a week.

We threw out batter uncooked and plates full of cooked bread after eating all we could hold. I learned a valuable lesson about cutting down the size of recipes and my mother learned not to allow me to clean up the kitchen without supervision.

I need to try this again, my kids will probably like it. Just need to remember to only make about a quarter of it. 🙂

After writing this I decided to do a new web search and found a scan of the original magazine on Google Books. You can see it here and I must admit that it rocks to finally find it. After reading it though, I am blown away to see that there were only two potatoes in the recipe and I completely forgot the guy was at a dove shoot. My memory is faulty and I can’t help but admit to that now. I still remember more potatoes than that though so I may have been dumb enough to make a bigger batch. Rather than admit to the dumb part I am gonna stick to the faulty memory band wagon.

By the way, I am looking for critiques of my submission for the City of Hell Volume 2 anthology. I just finished and would appreciate some help before sending it to the editor. If you would like to read a new short story then leave contact information in the comments here and I will send you a copy.

L. E. White



That single word was all Melorin managed to say before the great fist came crashing down on his wee elf head. The force of the blow caused gore to splash out the sides in a way that made you think you had stepped on a fat bug. In that one moment, our friend was gone.

The great earth spirit turned and faced the rest of us. Why a djinn had decided to attack us we would never know. We lacked the weapons to fight it and after running from our masters for three days we could run no more.

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  1. February 2, 2012 at 8:53 PM

    could not find the link to the field and stream wampus bread recipe would very much like to have it as i made it years ago when the mag was issued if you could help i will be greatly indebted to you thanks mickey white

  2. Bonita D Rankey
    October 11, 2017 at 3:18 AM

    I HAVE made this, long ago when I first read the article in the magazine. It was a little on the “soupy” side so I thickened it with a little more flour next time. I really is good.

    • October 11, 2017 at 8:40 AM

      I am sorry to say that I just don’t remember making it well enough to have an opinion on the soupy consistency. For me it has just been too long ago.

      I am very curious what brought you to this article. How did you end up on a five year old blog post about campfire bread?

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