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Happy Valentine’s Day My Dearest

I love you.



Happy Valentine’s Day

L. E. White

31 Flavors of Love

As one walked by his eyes followed her. Slender and naturally blonde, she walked with practiced ease on tall thin heels that clicked like the ticking of his old grandfather clock. Her head turned slightly to look around the bar as she made her way through the press of bodies. She was prowling, the definition of the urban cougar, and he could appreciate the way she quickly sized up both the competition and the prey.

February thirteenth was always an interesting day to go people watching and he was enjoying himself despite the impending deadline. Single men and women were here looking for short term solutions to spending Valentine’s Day alone and it made him smile as he watched the mating dance and plumage display that should have been in a documentary from PBS.

If this were a normal evening he would have went for the blonde. The little black dress that she had painted onto her body would have looked wonderful on his floor in the morning but tonight he had something specific in mind and she wasn’t it. He made a mental note to come back some other day before turning and beginning to weave his way through the mass of dancers.

When he found what he wanted she was leaned against a wall swirling a tall glass of electric blue inhibition remover to hide her nervousness from the boy she was talking to. The boy was leaned in close to be sure he was heard while uttering one stupid line after another in an attempt to convince her that she wasn’t going to be disappointed with his vain three minute attempt to offer her satisfaction for the evening.

When the boy turned to hail the waitress for more courage he leaned near the girl and said, “You are so out of his league.”

She turned to look at this new suitor and forgot the boy the moment she met his amber eyes. She was exactly what he was wanting this evening and now he just needed to collect her. As the boy turned back to resume his now failed hunt for companionship the tall man looked at him and said, “She isn’t interested anymore. Try the blonde in the little black dress by the bar.”

He guided her out by the elbow as the young man took his drink and headed off to be cougar bait. They were out of the bar and into his car before she realized that she had left her coat. As the cold air kissed her skin she shivered and said, “I need my coat.”

“Don’t worry; I plan to keep you warm.”

She giggled and thought of soft kisses and teasing touches as he drove her away from the city. She was aroused and impatient as he parked the car and led her through his home and into the basement. He removed her clothing and she felt surprised that she wasn’t self conscious about being naked in front of him. As thoughts slowly made their way through her mind she wondered just how drunk she was because she would have never taken her clothes off for a man whose name she didn’t know before. She was also sure that she would have never allowed him tie her hands to a rope hanging from the ceiling but that was just what she was now doing. Whatever had been in that drink had been worth every penny because she wasn’t afraid of what was to come but was instead sad at losing the opportunity to taste him when he slipped the gag into her mouth. Her world floated along on a hypnotic tide of unconcern as he stared into her eyes for another moment before he turned off the lights and left the room.

He came back in with his hands over the eyes of a tall woman with an unruly mane of brown hair. “Don’t peek.” He said as he removed his hands to reach back and turn on the lights.


He glanced around the room one last time before stepping up beside her, “Now.”

She looked around the room with her mouth slowly falling open. “What is all this?”

“What time is it my love?”

“Just after midnight.” She said.

“That’s right; just after midnight on the fourteenth or February.”

“These are all for me?” She almost bounced as she swept her eyes around the room again.

“Yes.”He said, “I realized that I couldn’t give you a box of chocolates so I decided to give you an assortment of sweets that I knew you would enjoy. I will love you forever my dearest.”

When the woman kissed him the girl shook her head and managed to clear some of the fog away. The room was filled with naked men and women of all races, ages and sizes. Each one was bound to the ceiling as she was, with a large red bow above their wrists.

“May I have one now?”

“Of course you can my love.” He said, stepping over beside the door so that he might watch her enjoy her gift. “It is Valentine’s Day after all.”

“Well don’t you look sweet?” She said as she stepped towards the girl. It was then that she opened her mouth to reveal the long sharp fangs that were slowly extending down from her gums.

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  1. February 18, 2012 at 11:25 AM

    I suppose that’s what one gets the vampire who has everything. Nicely creepy.

    • February 20, 2012 at 7:29 AM

      Thanks. It was also what I could give to a wife who wasn’t expecting anything.

  2. February 19, 2012 at 1:00 PM

    That is going to be one gorged vamp! Fun premise.

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