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Movie Review – TrollHunter

I was surfing twitter when @1nickeverhart was asking for people to watch and review his short “Slash in the Box”. Being a fan of the scary I dropped over to the link he provided and managed to discover a whole new way to look at a movie. It was fantastic and I was blown away. So little dialog, almost no special effects and yet, this has turned into one of my favorite films due to Nick’s vision. The use of camera angles and tension building made the film for me and I was hooked. I can now be counted among Nick’s fans.

So, when he started talking about how much he loved the movie Troll Hunter I was excited. The time to return to the video store had returned and I couldn’t wait to see what he was talking about. Now, I admit to being a geek so I was more than willing to suffer through sub-titles to see something great but I was worried about any of my family enjoying it.

Wanting to watch something that my kids might not get was no big deal. I am used to that and as they grow up I hold hope that they will begin to love some of the things that I do, but the wife was another story. We don’t spend all that much time apart so I wouldn’t be watching it without her. That said, I didn’t figure there was any way a foreign film that she had to read along with would be accepted but I really wanted to watch it. So, one night after the spawn had been put in bed I mentioned the movie and received the lack luster, “You can watch it if you want to.” That I had expected.

So the movie starts, and she is sitting beside me playing on her iPhone. She isn’t even going to give it a chance but since she agreed she is sitting through it with me. Then, as the movie progresses, she is looking up a little. That is, until the first troll is seen on-screen.

Yeah, that would be when the phone was turned off.

The basic premise is that a group of film students doing a documentary stumble on a man who hunts trolls. They then follow along and record some of his exploits. The film adds elements of realism by offering what seem like plausible explanations for the trolls and their biology and even an interview with a veterinarian.

This film does a fantastic job of placing something fantastic into the real world and making it look plausible. The trolls blended in and actually looked like a part of the environment. An environment that is also naturally beautiful. It was fantastic. If you haven’t seen this movie then you need to move it to the top of your queue. Five stars, easily.

L. E. White

Caged Bird

Every day that I go to work is hell. I see her and think of how beautiful she is. I wish I could talk to her and try to help her. I want to be with her, but that is against the rules.

She sits in her room, waiting on us to come in with the needles and the restraints. She hasn’t spoken to me in my three years except to scream threats when I have the syringe.

She seems so fragile. Nothing more than a hundred pounds of pain with sad amber eyes and long reddish-brown hair that would probably shine if she took care of it. She is in her early twenties and they say she will never be free again. “Too dangerous.”

I can’t believe that. How could anyone so pretty be that dangerous? She is nothing more than a caged bird. Unable to fly, forced to sit and look pretty with no hope of happiness.

Although it is a little unnerving to listen to her whispering the same four words over and over; a mantra delivered to the rhythm of a child’s rhyme.

“We will kill again.”

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