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Review – Rabbit in the Road

So, I was actually asked to read and review a story by someone who I didn’t already know. You could color me surprised and I was happy to agree. I then received an Amazon gift of “Rabbit in the Road“. A joint venture from authors Danika Potts and Oliver Campbell.

To sum it up in a short and sweet way, not bad. While I won’t be dancing up and down the streets telling everyone that they have to run out and buy it I will recommend it for anyone who is an urban fantasy fan. The story has an interesting magical system and good plot. I would say three out of five stars.

The story revolves around Beverly and covers a decent span of her life. We start out by meeting Bevie in a subway car when she discovers her powers. As she and her counterpart move through the story time is handled by hopping from one instance to another of Bevie trying to find her place in the world while avoiding her buddy.

The magic system is based on a lock and key structure. Each person is tied to another. Only when the two are together will their magic be activated. Once activated, the person will continue to be able to use it but at a very limited capability. When the people are together, then their power will be exponentially increased.

The plot is solid. The magic system is intriguing and I think there is possibility for more stories in the same mythos that they have created. This is very well done.

However, the fact that they broke their own system rules right off the bat makes it clear that they weren’t rules. Now, for a few characters this would make sense. Special situations exist and is the world builders right. But, there is a section where a fairly large group goes into the paired nature of the system that doesn’t make sense with as many people as are breaking the rules by the end. I can see where it might have all been tied to one character, but this still jumped out at me enough to break a part of the story.

Finally, I think there needs to be more time spent in developing a relationship with the main character. This story is about Beverly. I should therefore care about her and I never did. She ended up being a vehicle for the story instead of the driver. It might have been an attempt to show how she was trying to find herself but I never got a clear image of who she was. That said, the authors have some great characters, my favorite was actually one of the bit characters. A Native American shaman who was hardly a character at all. Yet, when I think of this story, he is the image I have clearly in mind. Beverly needs more time to be herself in this.

So, while I felt there were a few glitches I did enjoy the read. Danika Potts and Oliver Campbell told a pretty good story and I will be looking to see if they continue writing together. As I said up above, a solid three out of five stars for “Rabbit in the Road“.

Just for fun, today’s flash fiction is based on the magic system from the book. Like I said, an interesting system that I believe has a lot of potential. I hope Danika and Oliver do more with it.

L. E. White

Meant To Be  

They stood toe to toe; fingers woven together as each stared into the other’s eyes. The world swirled around them as if they were on a merry-go-round. The people, tables and potted plants spun in a dizzying array as their minds showed the truth of each to the other.

Their shoulders had brushed together as they were passing and activated the magic. As his wind and her fire swirled together in a maelstrom of destruction and chaos they felt the only true love either would ever know. The crowd’s screams became their love song.

Then the ceiling came crashing down.

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