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Quick and Dirty

So work is crazy and I haven’t been writing much. Enjoy a quick story and I will be back next week.

I hope.

L. E. White

Rock Hound

Josh looked to his right and smiled. Sarah looked so beautiful with the wind from the open window teasing her hair as they drove. She glanced over and smiled back.

“I love you.”

“I love you too,” she said before reaching over and taking his hand in hers. They continued down the road that way for a few minutes before she asked, “What are we going to do to kill four hours?”

Josh glanced at her and grinned. Waggling his eyebrows to indicate what he wanted to do but all he got was a shake of her head and a roll of her eyes.

“The bug bombs said we had to stay out for four hours. Where are we going to go?”

“We could go to the movies.”

“For half the time, besides, we’re too broke for that.”

“Wanna go to the mall and walk around?”

Her delicate smile turned into a scowl as Sarah sighed. “Not really.”

“What does that sign say?”

She turned to look at the small sign we were passing and spun around with a smile. “There is a gem and rock show at the fairgrounds.”


The county fairgrounds had been covered in tents with tables full of rocks under them as people tried to sell you crystals and fossils from around the world. There were so many ‘ites’ and ‘ines’ that Josh had no idea what he was looking at. They were pretty rocks, and the crystals looked good, but he didn’t care. The fossils were alright but who in their right mind would have paid a thousand dollars for a bone made of rock?

Sarah was in her element though. She made jewelry and had told him all about the stones on a couple of occasions. She carefully sorted through bowls and bags but hadn’t bought anything.

“You look a little bored their son.”

Josh turned to look at the little old man across the table. He was a classic rock hound; sunburned in a permanent sort of way with skin that looked like old leather. A beat up old hat had wisps of white hair poking out from under it like the straw out of a scarecrow.

“A bit, but don’t tell her.”

The old guy looked at Sarah and smiled. “Yeah, something like that will indeed make a man stand and stare at stones even if he doesn’t want to. She reminds me of my Emily back in the day.”

Josh nodded and prepared to turn away when the old fellow said, “What is her name?”


“That’s a nice name. Would you like to see something that would really wow her?”

Josh looked at him with resigned acceptance and nodded.

The old man reached under a table behind him and drew out a black box. When he opened it Josh saw a large, clear crystal. It looked like glass with tiny flecks of gold in it. “Wow.”

“Yeah, this here is really rare. The Indians in South America call it soul stone.”

“That is really great but I can’t afford it.”

The old fellow smiled, showing a missing tooth. “I wasn’t trying to sell it to you, I just thought you might want to take it and show her.”

Josh smiled and nodded, “Thanks, I bet she will really like it.”

The old man sat the box down and held up a finger. Then he grabbed some pills out of his pocket and swallowed them real quick. “Now, the Indians believe that this rock will move and trap souls. Their shamans used them to capture evil spirits.” He pulled the rock out of the case and held it out to Josh. “Why don’t you take it and let her look at it in the sun.”

Josh smiled and reached out. Then the old fellow put the rock in his hand and grabbed his wrist with the other hand. “Liz Mo Coro Doomea.”

The world seemed to spin. Josh felt like the wind was pushing him around and then a flash of sparkling gold light left him staring at his own face in a mirror.


Then the pain started. A sudden, stabbing pain in his chest and left shoulder that stole his breath away. Josh tried to say something but no sound would pass his lips.

Sarah screamed and was there beside him yelling for someone to call an ambulance. He looked around and saw himself, now standing over the top of where he was lying. His own voice came was saying, “I don’t know what happened, the old guy just popped a bunch of pills into his mouth and then fell down.”

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