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Trying to get productive

I finally managed to finish the most dreadful portion of my current work project. I have been working with my team to write the testing process. A bunch of documents that nobody wants to read which everybody hates to write.

But now that is done. That stage is behind me and hopefully it will stop sucking the life out of my writing. The last few weeks have been well beyond not productive. With the issues of life in general and the draining effects of work I was worthless.

Here is to not being worthless anymore.

So I will be working on a new short story for submission to an anthology. I will be working on my novel again, trying to put more words down so that I can make my goal of finishing a novel this year. The worst part is that it is all a BICHOK issue. I am the problem, so I must change to be the answer.

Butt In Chair, Hands On Keyboard.

L. E. White

Run Between the Rain Drops

Sam stood at the window and watched as the clouds cam toward him. There would a storm soon and it could be his last. So he watched; looking at the living clouds. Roiling and writhing with the force of that Mother Nature had built into it. He watched and tried to find the beauty in it that Amanda always had but he failed.

Tears found silent paths down his face as he thought of her. Running and dancing in the rain, singing and teasing and even stripping in an effort to entice him outside with her. This had been one of her favorite things in the world and Amanda had always wanted to share it with him. “To share her love with her love,” she had said.

The two of them had watched those witchy paranormal shows because she loved them. It was on one of those shows that had said that fairies could only enter our world from the tween, the places that are in between. It had also said that the fairies could only get you if you were in the tween. She had loved that episode.

“So where are all the fairies then? Why don’t they just come here more often?”

“I don’t know,” she had said as she gave him a playful poke in the belly. “Maybe they don’t know because they don’t have cable.”

Maybe they had been eaten by the monsters. Sam didn’t know but he had guessed that someone got the monsters a cable subscription. They had learned about traveling in the tween.

He wondered if they had heard someone make a joke about running between the rain drops.

Amanda had been dancing in the rain; wearing white and dancing dirty to pull him out into the rain with her. She was going to win, dragging that thin, wet t-shirt over her head as the monster stepped out of nothing. Her arms were up and her head was covered when it ran its hand through her back. Sam had watched his wife’s heart pop out from between her rain-soaked breasts without seeing the look on her face.

She hadn’t screamed, but he had.

Now, Sam might be one of the last people on earth. The monsters kept coming and they were relentless. He had heard the news that they were coming out of thin air in doorways and from gaps in buildings. They came from between and killed anything they could reach.

It had been weeks. Sam had done his best to protect himself and had started carrying an axe for protection. The rotting arm in his front doorway was proof that it worked. They could be cut and he hoped that it had died in pain.

This wasn’t living though. He was hungry and he was heartbroken. So as the rain began to fall, Sam prepared himself, gripping the axe and walking out into the yard.

All he wanted was to take one of them down before he went to see Amanda dance again.

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