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This last weekend was pretty good in a lot of ways. The family did things together.

Important among those things was that I got to watch my youngest children grow up. A simple ever, the digging of their own fishing bait, showed me that they are soon going to be able to go without me.

Just like my oldest.

I was feeling a little lost on the day I wrote this. Work was not working and in a lot of ways I was unhappy.

Damnedest thing brought me to a different realization of what is happening. I saw a hawk. The big raptor was flying over the parking lot, looking for dinner.

Keep it simple, look ahead and dive at what you want. Stop worrying about one draft in the sky.


L. E. White

 Broken Wings

“Are you sure this will work?”

The man had his eyes closed as he tried to clear his mind. The woman behind him frowned at his back with such ferocity that he could feel it.

At least he thought so.

She released a long, exasperated sigh. “Will you shut up and do what I said?” She huffed again and he could hear her move as she shifted in her chair. “You must let go and allow yourself to be something else if you wish to really fly.”

The man stood with his arms outstretched. He felt the wind ruffle his hair and kiss his skin with a spider web of sensations. He wanted to fly. He wanted to look down upon the world and see the horizon without a piece of glass between him and it.

He wanted to soar.

“Very good.” Her praise sounded like a whisper, he opened his eyes, intending to turn and look at her as he asked what she meant. Doing so showed him that he was high above her, riding a current of air that was woven into the tapestry of the wind. He had done it and he closed his eyes again to relish the sensation.

He thought of how much different this felt than what his standing on the hill had felt like. The old woman’s “No you fool. Don’t!” started softly enough but grew louder with every word.


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