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There are sometimes when you get to feel a whole lot dumber than normal. This is one of those times.

I have been working on a novel for months. I write a little bit in it here and there but I also keep writing short stories. I enjoy the shorts and would like to start seeing a little bit of trickle income from them. A few have royalties attached to the contracts so it is possible that I might see a stocking stuffer before the end of the year.

So, I got an idea and decided to write my first classic fantasy. It is the tale of a maiden who is offered up for sacrifice to a dragon, but is rescued by a magical knight.

Then, I find an anthology that is looking for the tale of the sacrificed. The publisher wants a fantasy story where the girl gets away and is more than just an offering to the monster.

I have about half of the story already. They want longer work than most but I decided I could add to it. So, I spent quite a bit of time editing and re-writing this piece. After a couple of my beta readers complained about the back and forth nature of my flashbacks I re-organized the story to be linear. I spent a lot of time getting this piece ready.

So, the day before it is due, I have edited all I can and it is time to format the piece. Each publisher wants something a little bit different. Some of them go with traditional manuscript formatting, but so far I haven’t seen anyone that sticks to that alone. This one was the furthest from traditional that I have found so far.

My wife is tired and heads to bed. I am back on the website re-reading the requirements before hitting send. The rest of my family is asleep. That is the moment, that one moment when I re-read the listing and see…..

That the romantic pairing must be lesbian.

My knight ain’t a woman.

I just totally screwed the pooch when it comes to this submission. So I didn’t hit send. I just tucked the story away and decided to start looking for markets for a 11,500ish word fantasy.

This just left me feeling plain, old, stupid.

On to a slightly more optimistic note; I also discovered the Drabblecast last week. This is another podcast that also does one hundred word stories. I have written a few of those, most of them are posted on this site, so I will have to read through their submission policies to see if they accept reprints. If not, I will just be writing new flash pieces in this size range.

The other thing I found was, “The Rejected Quarterly”, a magazine for fiction that has received at least five rejections. I have at least three pieces that are near this range. So, I will soon be submitting there as well.

Oh well, time to send out some stories and get back to work on the novel. As far as that goes, I just broke 46K words. Wish me luck.

L. E. White

Dear Editor

Rejection sucks.

I know; you are probably thinking that that is what everyone thinks. Nobody likes to be rejected. What makes me so special?

I don’t know what makes me so special. In my own opinion I don’t stand out from everyone else. I am working on everything that I want just like everyone else. I struggle and sweat and worry. As far as I can tell there is really only one thing that sets me apart. I am willing to go farther to make myself heard.

So try to remember that while I peel your skin off.

Damned Editors.




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