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Treading Water

I don’t swim. I sink. I have always sunk and because of this I just stay out of the water.

My wife says this is because of my inability to relax. Water doesn’t relax me. I never sit in a hot tub of water and think, ahhhhhhhh.

I may well be related to the Wicked Witch of the West and I am OK with that.

For the next month, work is going to be crazy. Big project is due and overtime is required. Get it done or clean your desk kind of due. With that in mind, I may miss one of the next few posts. If I do, I’m sorry.

I am trying to tread water between work and not work. I feel like I am sinking but I won’t drown without a fight.

Enjoy the story and with any luck, I will have time to write another for next week.

L. E. White


Marlene and Carrie walked hand in hand. The wind was bitter as it whipped around their legs and blew long wisps of hair out from underneath stocking caps. Cold cut through coats and scarves but their joined hands made each happy to be out.

Carrie peeked over. She was shivering, despite the heavy coat and leggings, but Marlene didn’t seem fazed. Skirt, hose and a short coat made her look beautiful Carrie was guessing that the girl was about to turn blue and freeze. “Why don’t we stop at that coffee shop and warm up?”

Marlene turned a dazzling, but mischievous,  smile on the other woman. “Why don’t we hurry back to your apartment and warm up there?”


Hours later, warmer and cozy in her bed, Carrie rested her head on Marlene’s stomach, her long, dark hair spread down her lovers legs like a grass skirt.. “Do you think about moving in here with me so that we don’t have to meet out in the park?”

Marlene shifted her hand back and forth, lightly scratching long red nails across Carrie’s scalp. “I have, but I can’t. I need some serious privacy and my place has it.”

“Of course it does, you live in a basement of a building that should probably be condemned.”

“Watch it making cracks about my building,” Marlene said as she reached forward and tweaked Carrie’s nose.

“I wouldn’t mind giving up my office for your private time if meant you would be here.” Carrie stretched her arm down and began dragging a single finger nail up and down the bottom of Marlene’s foot. A low growl rumbled under Carrie’s head in response to that touch.

“Do you love me?”

Carrie sat up and turned to face Marlene. She marveled at the wild, auburn hair that covered the pillow, framing bright, almost glowing eyes that reminded her of milk caramel’s. “Yes, that is why I keep telling you that.”

“Would you love me no matter what?”

“Yes but that is a scary way to put it.”

“I can be scary, you just haven’t seen it.”

Carrie laid down so that when Marlene turned her head, they were nose to nose on the pillow. “Do you have some kind of murder room like Dexter or something?”

“No, I have never hurt anyone.”

Carrie stared for a while before saying, “Can you tell me what you’re talking about?”

“No, but I can show you next week.”


Carrie stood just inside the door in Marlene’s basement apartment. She looked around, trying to see if anything was different from any other time she had been here.

“This way.”

She followed her girlfriend to the bedroom. Marlene walked over to her closet door and opened it. “Go ahead,” She said, motioning through the door. “We are going in.”

Carrie walked in, and when Marlene flipped on the lights, it turned out that they weren’t in a closet, but a hallway. Marlene closed the door and locked it behind them before leading Carrie down the hall.

Carrie had wide eyes as she looked around the little room. Marlene had brought one of her kitchen chairs in and sat it in the corner. Against the far wall, there were chains.

“Are you into bondage? Because that isn’t that scary. I kinda like being tied up.”

“I will remember that but no, I hate being tied up.” Marlene walked to the corner. “Please come here and sit down.”

Carrie did, looking up with doe eyes while Marlene stroked her face and hair. “Promise me you won’t get out of the chair.”

Carrie nodded and then Marlene leaned down and kissed her. Her lips were full of passion and Carrie nearly stood up to keep from breaking contact when Marlene backed away from the chair.

The spunky little red-haired girl walked over to the chains and stripped off her clothes. Carrie admired her and stood up to go over to her.

“You promised not to move.”

Carrie thumped back into the chair, with a frustrated sigh. Her girlfriend was undressing and she wasn’t allowed to help. It seemed very unfair.

Marlene snapped a collar on one of the chains and then put it around her neck. She did that same thing for each of four more until she was bound hand and foot to the wall.

“I thought you didn’t like to be tied up?”

“I don’t, but this is a requirement. Now be quiet.”

Carrie frowned, crossed her arms across her chest and her legs at the knee. She sat staring at Marlene and waiting for the big, scary thing to happen as Marlene put a cloth gag into her own mouth.

After a few minutes, Marlene let out a high-pitched whining noise and crumpled to her knees. Carrie jumped up and started forward but then Marlene jerked and snarled around the gag. Her eyes had turned yellow and the skin on her face looked like it had been shrink-wrapped into place.

The change only took about three minutes, but when it was done, Marlene was gone, replace by a growling beast that looked like a cross between a Mexican hairless dog and a chimpanzee.

She sat, hugging her knees to her chest, sobbing. Carrie watched the monster that came out of her girlfriend lung to the end of the chain over and over again. All it wanted to do was eat her.

She laughed at the gruesome play on words and tried to think of happy times spent together. Hot tea and cake. Soft kisses and gentle touches. Being pinned against the wall and kissed with so much passion that she thought Marlene would bruise her lips.

Each thought transformed, destroyed as the Marlene shifted into this thing and then killed Carrie. Every happy thought ended in blood.

Carrie stood up and pressed her back to the wall. She was far enough out of reach to have walked to the door without being touched, but she couldn’t bring herself to get that close.


Light swam into view, the soft glow of the rooms only bulb, as Marlene woke up. The pulsing of bright white around the edges would go away in time, but if she tried to move to soon she would have to clean vomit off of the floor again.

So she just stayed still. Letting the ringing in her ears subside while praying that Carrie had fallen asleep.

After a few minutes, Marlene turned her head, and saw that the chair was empty. While hoping that Carrie had just went to the bathroom or to bed, she was worried that the beautiful girl had fled. This was the third time she had tried to be honest and show the person she loved the monster inside of her.

Please don’t leave me, she thought. Please, please, please.

There was something on the floor between her and the chair. Something small and dark.

Marlene was starting to get control of her limbs again, so she removed the restraints and crawled to see what it was.

Small, with a round bottom and a mushroom like head, Marlene rolled the spent bullet between her thumb and finger. She sat up straighter and looked around the room.

There were four more bullets between her and the door. Five shiny brass casings were lying to the side.

Carrie had stood in the doorway and tried to kill her.

Five times.

Tears rolled down her cheeks, dripping onto her knees, as the weight of another lover rejecting her settled around her shoulders.

With the other two, Marlene had stood up and started cussing them after a few minutes. Carrie was different. She was so sweet and soft. She was so loving and tender. She was gone, and Marlene felt her heart-break as she considered lying in her own, cold bed.

This time, she ignored her clothes and headed to her room. Each step felt like walking against the surf, grief pushing her backward until she dropped to the floor, sobbing the way she had when her mother had died.

Marlene was cold and numb, her foot had fallen asleep where she sat on the floor, but the tears had stopped and now she was going to lie down. She would try to sleep and hope that she couldn’t smell Carrie’s perfume on the pillows.

When the door to her bedroom opened, Marlene was slapped in the face by a metallic smell. It was harsh and rancid in the heat of the room and she darted through the darkness to the other wall.

Marlene pawed around until she found the light switch. She flicked it on, and took a few deep breaths through her mouth before turning to face her bed. When she did, she screamed.

The sixth little brass casing was lying at the foot of the bed.

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