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Wind up and pitch

As I said, work is getting crazy. I have about ten minutes to write anything.

I received a rejection on my last one sentence story. It did make it into the final consideration out of around three hundred entries so I am happy about that but it is still a rejection. Those suck but writing goes on. I will post it below for this weeks content. I do like it better than the others. You can find them Here and Here.

I also did my first live reading of my work this last weekend. The Bloomington Writers Guild is hosting a “First Sunday Reading Series” where they have three local writers come in and read their work. This is followed by an open mic for anyone interested in sharing.

I was the first to read, and while I don’t normally have any trouble being in front of a crowd, it has been a long time since I did it. Fifteen to twenty years I think.

So, my adrenalin shoots up and I am shaking so bad that I had to rest my Kindle on my leg so that it was still enough to read from. I hope it wasn’t all that obvious but I assume it was.

Why? Because hope is the denial of reality.

After that, things went well, I received some positive feed back and a few people expressed interest in my work. Overall, I was happy.

Also, I loved my Kindle. Being able to mail my text to myself and read from it instead of flipping pages was awesome. If you are going to be doing something like this yourself, I would recommend you use a Kindle. Fantastic tool for the job.

L. E. White

As Dan lit the candles, forming a seven pointed star with the imaginary lines drawn between them in his mind’s eye, he focused on his breathing, slow and steady, rhythmic and carefully timed, using the cadence of his breath to help raise the power that he would need to cast the spell that Amy had designed, the spell that she was supposed to have helped him cast, the spell that they would have used to change the world, and in changing the world, to have bound them together for all time, in ways so few souls had ever been woven together; but not now, not after the needles and the tests and the radiation and pills and hospitals and the cold, cold morning when she didn’t open her eyes and smile at him; no, not after all of that, now she wouldn’t be casting this with him which meant that he would have to go into the void alone, ignoring his fear and sorrow, to fix the things that they had discovered were broken, so that, despite the fact that nobody would ever know it, the world would be safe for other lovers.

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