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Up Up and Away

Top O the Morning

I am sitting in the airport, attached to the free wireless, about to board a plane to New Jersey.

Thanks to the influence of an old friend, I always pronounce this as “JoySee”

From there I will be heading to Shannon Ireland and then to work at my employers facility there for a week.

What amazes me is how everyone seems to think travelling over is so great. Why would a long flight and a car ride to another computer docking station be a good thing? I am not going to sight-see. I am not going to go exploring on of the most interesting places in the world. I am simply flying to another cubicle.

I just see this as my job.

On the other hand, my wife is already there and because of that I will get to have my girl with me. That is something I think is worth its weight in gold. Everything is better when she is around.

So, I am about to fly out and I will have this weeks post done. I am glad that I remembered to do it now. This way, I don’t miss my self-imposed update schedule.

You all enjoy your week and I hope it goes well. Wish me luck.



The lights are flickering. Not strobe like, but enough to be disorienting. It is dark outside so the only way to see as I move through the terminal is by that damned flickering.

More than half of the bulbs aren’t even trying to flicker.

I am afraid of the shadows. If what I saw on my way here is any indication, then those things come out of the dark spots. Each pillar, each potted plant and the space under every row of benches scares the shit out of me. Whatever they are, they live in the shadows. If we shine a light into the darkness, all we ever see is a smear from the blood that was just spilled.

No monsters, no bodies, nothing but a smear or a puddle.

I watched a pale, bluish arm come out of the shadows and drag Keith behind the wall. He didn’t even have enough time to get a good scream out before I heard a sound that reminded me cleaning fish.

I saw Shannon ‘s face when a hand with long fingers wrapped around her head. Those fingers had to many joints, and they wrapped around her head like ribbons in a little girls hair.

I vomited when it squeezed and her brains shot out her ears . If I had time, I would change my pants to get the gooey stuff off of them, but I don’t dare go anywhere to find more clothes.

I have some batteries and I have a couple of small flash lights with a tourist logo on them. I just hope they will get me to someplace open and sunny.

But there are a lot of shadows between me and the doors. There are a lot of dark spots.

And there aren’t any other people. I am alone, the place is quiet.

Except for the sound of something crawling along the floor.

Crawling towards me.

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