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Results 6

Carl had his arm wrapped around Jack’s chest as he tried to keep him on his feet. The drug he used left Jack very drunk, but not as wiped out as Rohypnol. Jack would agree to anything right now. The bad part was that Jack was also making suggestions about what they could be doing and Carl wished he would just pass out.

In a voice that was slurred almost past recognition Jack tried, and failed, to whisper. “Did I tell you how flexible I am?”



Carl slapped his hand over Jack’s mouth to stop him from finishing that sentence. A big man wearing a lumberjack uniform grinned at them and winked as he walked inside. Carl sighed and looked at the half open eyes above his hand. “I wish you would be quiet.”

Carl jumped and jerked his hand away when Jack licked his palm.

“Where the fuck is the cab.”

“Yes please take me home.”

Carl looked at the man, considering if this experiment was going to be worth it when a bright yellow taxi pulled up in front of the awning. “Finally,” the sober man said as he rushed through the rain and flipped the door to the cab open to deposit his prize into the seat behind the driver.

“Where to?” The cabbie asked after Carl got around the car and into the other side.

“2121 Maplehurst.”

The driver flipped the sign and pulled away from the club, Carl checked on Jack and found that he had slipped away once he was in sitting in the cab. He was thankful for that, and turned his attention to the cabbie.

And to the woman beside him in the front seat.

“I didn’t know I would be sharing a cab.”

“You aren’t, we are training a new cabbie. She is my ride along for the night.”

Carl looked at the girl. The lights of the dash hid the color of her hair from him, but he could tell she was short and thin. Her hair looked like it had been hacked at by a child, so he guessed she was cutting it herself. Carl would have guessed the driver had picked up a whore and been interrupted, but that was not his problem.

The girl didn’t turn around. She looked out the windshield and seemed to be trying to find landmarks through the rain and darkness. “Bad night for it but good luck.”

She didn’t say anything and the cabbie tried to make some idle chit-chat, but Carl gave nothing but one syllable answers until the driver stopped trying.


Brian had told her not to turn around and talk to the fares unless they asked her something twice. “Better if they don’t pay attention to you,” he said as they pulled up to the first call of the evening. “You need to be low profile.”

Jane had followed these instructions, doing her best to shrink down in the seat when Brian was working. He was being an angel and she knew she would have felt horrible if he got into trouble.

When they reached the awning of the bar, Jane was trying to stop giggling at the mental image Brian had given her with his story about the other drunken homosexuals he had picked up at this bar. She bit her knuckle to try and keep from snickering and wished he had waited to tell her this one.

The door opened and the first one, s drunk he passed out on the way into the cab, was shoved into the seat behind Brian. She inhaled as the door shut and smelled rain, car exhaust and the guys overly applied body spray. Jane wasn’t one to pay much attention to smells, but tonight everything seemed sharper.

And something else about this guy smelled familiar, something that made her nervous, though she did not know why.

The other guy, soaked through and grumbling, crawled into the seat behind her.

She took another breath, and squeezed her nails into her palms to keep from turning around. She could smell the second man. Nothing unpleasant like he had not been showering but still something that made her skin crawl.

She knew him. She didn’t know his name, but Jane was sure she had met this guy before. It terrified her, he terrified her, but that didn’t matter. She had to sit still and be quiet.

Brian talked to the fare, and when the guy said something indirect to Jane, she ignored him. The four of them rode in silence, Brian giving up on his usual chit-chat when the stranger refused to keep up his end of the conversation.

Who was he.

Jane looked at the floor when they dropped the guy off. She sat still, praying that the man wouldn’t stop to look at her while Brian waited for the money. It was still raining and the man was fishing around in his wallet while sitting in the cab. He reached forward, his hand holding a bill as he passed it up to Brian. When his arm went by, Jane felt a terrible urge to snap around and bite it. To lash out like an angry dog and tear into the thing that was scarring her.

The guy hurried out and Brian jumped out of the car to help him extract his date. When the doors shut, the cab was on its way out of the suburbs on the other side of town from where Jane had woken up. She memorized the address, reciting it over and over between talking to Brian as the headed back into town.

Two more hours until his shift was over. She wasn’t sure if she would be heading to the bus stop or not. She liked Brian. She wanted to spend more time with him. If he was telling the truth about being single, then Jane had no problem going home with him tonight. If this wasn’t an act, she might not have any trouble staying with him for a while.

And she wanted to come back to this house tomorrow.

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