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Results 7

A small ding of a bell sounded from the phone on Brian’s hip. “Yes,” he said, reaching up and flipping off the light that indicated he was available for fares. “We are finally done with this god awful shift.”

Jane looked over at him and smiled. “I didn’t think it was that bad.”

“That is because you only did it once.” The cabby stretched his arms above his head. “Although I have to admit that having you along to talk to made this night a whole world better than it would have been otherwise.”

“So,” she said as she reached up and played with her hair. “Was having me here to talk to better than trading sex for the fair?”

Brian looked her over and then looked out the windshield. “I don’t want you to be offended. I think you are very pretty, but yes, having the company for the entire shift was better than getting ten minutes of road service and then spending the rest of the night alone.”

Jane stopped playing with her hair, dropping her hand into her lap. She looked at him with a slight gap in her lips and just stared.

“No, no, no. Now I said I don’t want to offend you. That wasn’t meant as an insult.”

“That wasn’t an insult.”

“Right, I said that wasn’t supposed to be an insult.”

Jane reached out and put her hand on his arm. “Brian, I understand what you meant. You don’t understand.”


“That might be the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me that wasn’t trying to get into my pants when they said it.”

He turned to look at her and frowned. “That is kind of sad.”

She sat back in the seat and huffed out a breath. “Tell me about it.”

As he headed into town, Jane looked over at the man again. He was average in almost every way. She usually went for the rough, scary guys. She spent a lot of time having sex after getting high and most of the time the hard stuff she craved came from hard men with a bad attitude. Brian was nice.

“So,” he said as they made a left. “Do you want me to drop you off at the bus station or at the diner about a block away?”

Jane didn’t answer. She shifted in the seat enough to turn and face him.

He glanced at her, back to the road, at her again and then back out. “What?”

“I don’t think I want to go to either of those places.”

“So where do you want to go?” He swallowed hard enough that she heard it. The outline of his Adams Apple bounced and Brian twisted his hands on the wheel.

“I was wondering if you would mind if I stayed with you a little longer?”

Brian lifted his hand off of the wheel. Jane could see it shaking in the light from the dash as he reached over and put it on her leg. He didn’t slide it up or try to cop a feel. Instead, he squeezed her thigh once before turning his hand over and wiggling his fingers.

Jane put her hand in his and he laced his fingers through hers. “I would like that a lot,” he said.


When they entered the apartment Jane stood in the living room twisting one foot on her heel. Brian hung his coat beside the door and stepped behind her so that she felt the heat from his chest against her back. He took a single finger and drew a line from her shoulder to her elbow and then back up.

Jane tilted her head up, expecting him to lean over and kiss her but instead Brian gripped her shoulders with both hand and looked into her eyes. “I don’t want you to feel an obligation to do anything,” he said. “I know the deal I offered you earlier, but this is later, not earlier. If you don’t want to do something, then you can have the bed and I’ll sleep out here.”

“Aww.” Jane turned around and wrapped her arms around his neck. She pulled, lifting herself up and dragging him down so that their lips met. The kiss started out sweet, but after a moment she ran the tip of her tongue along his bottom lip.

Brian groaned, bent his knees and wrapped his arms around her waist. When he stood, she was crushed to his chest, dangling like a kitten after being picked up by a small child. She pulled tight and lifted her legs to wrap them around his waist.

They managed to keep their lips together all the way into the bedroom.


Brian was stretched out on top of the blankets with Jane lying perpendicular to him with her head on his lower stomach. The rain had died off a few hours before and the skyline was becoming visible as the sky brightened to a soft grey. With the way they were positioned, Brian couldn’t see her when Jane puckered up and gave him a tiny kiss.

He hissed in response and then groaned. “Really?”

After a moment with no answer, she kissed him again.

“I love your enthusiasm, but I need some sleep.”

“Sleep is overrated.”

“You are insatiable.”

She rolled over so that she was facing him. “Complaining?”

“Oh no. No complaining here.”

Jane smiled and rolled over again.

“How about we get some sleep?”

She sighed and shifted around so that she was snuggling up against him. Brian wrapped his arm around her shoulders and Jane sighed. She wasn’t sure if she had ever had a man hold her in bed when he wasn’t just holding her down.

Brian reached over to the night stand and picked up his phone.

“I thought you were tired?”

“Just checking the bus schedule so that I can set an alarm.”

Jane froze; she almost stopped breathing and felt her stomach drop like going over the top of a rollercoaster. She didn’t want to cry, but felt the hot sting of tears in her eyes as she squeezed them shut. “Would you rather I slept on the couch?”

“Oh Fuck.” Brian dropped the phone before dragging her on top of him. He wrapped both arms around her and squeezed. “I’m so sorry, I didn’t think about how that would sound. I’m sorry.”

She pushed back a little and started trying to move away. “It’s ok. Tomorrow is time for me to go home. I get it.” She tried to shake her head so that her hair would hide her face but too much had been cut off for that to work like it used to.

“No, you don’t understand.”

“I do.”

“No,” Brian said as he tightened his grip on her. “I don’t want to get rid of you. I want you to go get your stuff.”

She stopped struggling and he relaxed his grip. Jane put both hands on his chest and pushed herself up into a sitting position on his lap. “You want me to get my stuff?” When she said repeated his words, her stomach clenched up like she had just went over another hill on a rollercoaster.

“Yeah. I don’t have any girl’s cloths or anything and you don’t have any bags.”

“You want me to move in?”

“I want you to at least stay for a while. I have never talked to a woman for six hours and still wanted to be around her before.”

Jane smiled, kissed him and then sat up and grinned. “You aren’t going to get to sleep yet.”


Brian was sprawled across the bed, arms stretched out and panting. Jane was on top of him, nuzzling against his neck and trying not to smile like an idiot.

“You are almost asleep,” she said. I can hear you heart slowing down.

“I can still feel yours racing,” he said. “You need to relax.”

She put her fingers against her neck and felt the pulse pounding beneath them. It had been almost ten minutes since they had finished the last time. She couldn’t believe that this was happiness alone. Brian was right, she did need to relax.

“Gotta pee,” she said as she slid off of him and walked to the bathroom. She knew he would be asleep by the time she got back but she felt wired and tense. She was so tight and anxious that she was almost bouncing as she headed to the stool.

Jane sat staring out the tiny window. She could see the light blue of the morning sky and somehow she was sure that dawn was almost there. There were pigeons talking to each other and she thought she could hear other birds singing nearby.

“It’s amazing the different things you notice when you find something good for a change,” she said to herself as she finished the paperwork and stood to head back to bed. Jane only managed a step before the room spun and she went down on the floor.

The tile was cold against her face as her stomach clenched. The little lines in the linoleum pattern were dancing in front of her eyes as she fought to keep from vomiting , praying that she wasn’t going to wake Brian up to have him find her like this.

She managed to pull her head over the edge of the tub before throwing up gallons of thick, black liquid. She heaved and snorted, watching blood and gore come out as she felt sharp pains shoot through her body. A final, searing blast of heat ran up her spine and forced Jane to cry out. When she did, she saw her teeth drop into the goop she had already spewed into his bath.


Brian heard Jane cry out and turned to look both ways before realizing that she wasn’t in the bed anymore. He sat up, shook his head and looked around. “Jane?”

The sound of someone retching made him frown. “Great,” he muttered. “She is probably strung out or something.”

Brian sat on the edge of the bed and looked out the window. The first rays of dawn were shining around the building and he shook his head. She was great, but this was still a horrible way to start a day. The next sound he heard was a gasp and an intestine twisting crack. He broke enough bones when he had been playing hockey to know that sound.

“Jane?” Panic changed his voice. She wasn’t just sick or going through withdrawals. He was certain that she had just broken something.

He was in the hallway and staring into the bathroom before he realize he got up from the bed, but once he got to the doorway, he raised one hand to cover his mouth and grabbed the jamb with the other.

Jane was lying on the floor. Her feet and hands were growing longer and another loud pop came out as her jaw broke. Brian watched the woman he had just bent over in his bed twist and sob as her spine stretched and a tail forced its way out of her ass. He made a fist and bit his knuckle hard enough to draw blood when she rolled her neck and chocked as her ribs caved in before spreading out and reforming.

Amber eyes looked into his and his gibbering babble was answered with a mewling sound like someone stepped on a kitten.

Brian dropped to his knees and stared at the great cat that rose to shaking legs while its fur filled in. His mouth worked up and down but no sound came out when the bathroom reverberated with a low growl.


Brian’s last word was cut off as the beast slammed the cabbie’s shoulders against the wall. He squeaked and choked as grungy, yellowing teeth clamped onto his windpipe and tore out his voice box.

Bones crunched and claws scratched, but no other sounds came out of the apartment for the rest of the day.

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