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Results 10

Carl walked into the bar and sat down, grabbing a menu and smiling as he saw real food and not just the average pub offering. In the last few days, he had gotten his fill of burgers and fried pickles so seeing sides that were not fried made his stomach dance with joy.

He was sure that his bowels would also be happier with his dinner options.

He looked at his notes as he waited on the food. If he was right, the big girl would not report anything to the police. He had left her alone, very much alive and with a note thanking her for a wonderful evening. Carl doubted that her lack of remembering would be all that special and as such his efforts would be ignored. That meant he could spare one more attempt before moving to another city.

When the waitress delivered his plate, Carl dove in with a ravenous appetite. Roast beef with potatoes and carrots was one of his favorite things.

He looked around, saw no potential targets, and decided that he could just relax and eat tonight. He would stalk later, for now, the food was hot and there had been desserts on the menu too.


Jane went back up to the buffet for the fourth time and loaded another plate. Chinese wasn’t bad but it was far from her favorite. She wasn’t going to complain since ‘all you can eat’ was the important part of the meal. After spending the day in the elevator without killing someone, she was famished.

Before starting on every plate, she prayed for Brian and thanked God that nobody had found her throughout the day. She also gave thanks that the elevator had held. When she came around today, she had sat in awe of the gouges and scratches in the mesh of the elevators steel walls. Jane was not sure, but she guessed that her animal side had taken it easy. Some of those holes looked large enough for her to have crawled out of.

As she ate this last plate, she planned. The man had been at two different bars. In her case, the bastard had drugged her and hauled her to this place. It seemed like there was a good chance he would do that again. Something told her he was close. There was a tingle behind her ears and her nose itched. Jane realized that this would have sounded stupid if she said it out loud, but that did not matter. She just had a feeling.

“Go with your gut,” she mumbled after leaving money on the table.

It was a clear night, and even though it was not all that cold, Jane flipped her hood up as she headed towards the bars. A couple walking their tiny puppy had to pick it up and carry it past her. The poor little thing had ducked behind the man’s legs and pissed itself.

The dog knew who the bigger predator was even if the people didn’t.


Carl was trying to chat with an older woman, hoping for a chance to buy her a drink he could spike, but she was giving him the cold shoulder.

Probably wants a younger man, he thought. The definition of a cougar on the prowl.

When he gave up and turned around, the population of the bar had doubled. People coming in for a game and drink specials did not make good targets to pick up and take out. Maybe it is time to go to another bar?

He whistled as he walked down the sidewalk. The little university town had a single street leading away from the campus that held a dozen bars then, more of them leading away in both directions on the next busy street. Carl was at the very end, figuring that, at his age, there wasn’t much chance of picking up anyone in a college bar. He turned to the left and headed away from campus, past a mixture of restaurants and grills before reaching the next place, an Irish pub.


Jane stepped out and took a deep breath. The scents of all the people and the food had almost been too much for her but hunger had driven her to stay. Now though, she wanted to clear her head. She started to walk down the street, not have a plan beyond following her hunch about where the man was, when a sudden urge made her look back.

The crowd was light, a few groups of twenty-something’s and an older couple. She almost dismissed the notion when she noticed a short man dodge around one of the groups. He dodged another group and then ducked into a door.

He seemed familiar.


Carl ordered juice and sat down. He took a drink and then stared at the mirror behind the bar. The crowd was light, with no single person standing out as a target. It was early, just a little past dinner time, the real barflies wouldn’t be out for another couple of hours.


Carl jumped and whipped around. A pretty little woman with short, black hair was sitting beside him, smiling. “Hi.”

“I don’t recognize you.”

Carl licked his lips. She was short and thin, with a small build. His critical eye noted that she seemed to match the first subject fairly well but she didn’t look like her otherwise. The eyes weren’t sunk in and her skin was clearer. The hair was different and he noted her glasses. The first girl didn’t have them. This woman wasn’t dressed up to be trolling for company. She was wearing jeans and sneakers, not heels and an easy access skirt. “This is the first time I have ever tried this bar.”

“Pub,” she corrected. “Be careful calling it a bar, the owner might be offended.”

Carl smiled. “I will remember that. My name is Carl.” He extended his hand and she took it, hers trembled a little. Either she is nervous or excited, Carl thought. Both are good for me.

“I’m Eve. Nice to meet you.”

“Can I buy you a drink?”

She smiled, a look of satisfaction and longing on her face. “I would love whatever you are having.”

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  1. July 31, 2013 at 10:31 PM

    Methinks Carl is in for a surprise… 🙂

    • August 1, 2013 at 9:14 AM

      Yup, and like I said, stay tuned next week for the conclusion to our exciting tale! 🙂

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