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First Encounter

My son just came home. A graduate of Ohio Technical College with his certification as a Master Welder.

We are proud. Nothing else to say about that.

Anyway, I have noticed that my writing is in a slump. I have not managed to get as many stories accepted this year as I did last. I don’t know what the difference is, but something is different. I am going to have to work on that.

On a better note, I did receive an acceptance for the publication of one of my erotic stories. As soon as it is available, I will let you know where it is and provide a link. I am looking forward to publishing more in that area as well. However, I will not add that content directly to this site. I don’t want to worry about posting anything that might require age verification.

I am going to break from the horror today and throw out a little fantasy. I hope you enjoy it.

L. E. White

First Encounter

Gon stood in front of the dark, weathered door and gulped. The sack which held his clothes, and the one toy he had smuggled into his packing, was heavy on his shoulder as he watched his brother raise a hand to smack calloused knuckles against the wood.

The boy jumped with each echoing crack. His stomach twisted and rolled, making his groin clench and his knees shake as he imagined what his fate might be. Why had the crystal started glowing when he touched it? Why wouldn’t the stupid rock glow when anyone else touched it? Why did he have to travel with his surly brother Rolf to this crumbling tower in the middle of nowhere?

Why wouldn’t his father make eye contact with him when he left?

Why had his mother cried and refused to hug him?

Rolf glared back at Gon over his shoulder while they stood waiting. The oldest son had grumbled and glared at his little brother the entire trip, yet he also refused to look him in the eye.

The door opened with a whisper and Rolf jumped back from the darkness. The portal was lightless and the silhouette of something round or fat stood in the shadows.

Rolf grabbed Gon by the shoulder and dragged his trembling little brother in front of him. “This one handled a crystal and made it glow.”

There was a snort that sounded like the bull when he was dancing around the pasture in the spring. Hot air billowed out from the form and ruffled their hair three times before the snorting ceased. A low, soft voice hissed out of the door. “Leave him.”

The vice like grip that held him in front of the door vanished. Gon looked back over his shoulder to see his older brother, the oldest child, the one who would inherit the farm, the one who made the younger ones mind and was more likely to tan their hides with his belt that their father was, running away. Gon was alone, abandoned to some strange fate by his family.

All for touching some stupid rock.

A soft rumble began inside the door. Gon turned back against his will. He did not want to see what was in the doorway, but he couldn’t stop his body. As the sound grew, the boy realized it was someone chuckling. Light began to spill out around the shape and before long Gon could see that it was a fat straw dummy.

“Well now,” a voice that sounded a lot like his grandfather came out from behind the dummy. “What do we have here, eh? You stay right there while I move this out of the way.”

Gon saw hands grab the shoulders of the straw man and then the great round blob swung out of the way. A tall man, wearing a night shirt and cap, stepped back into the doorway and looked down at Gon.

“So, now that your brother is gone I want you to answer some questions for me. Can you do that?”

Gon nodded, swallowing again.

“Did you handle a crystal?”

Gon nodded.

The man bent his knees and squatted down so that he was closer to looking Gon in the eyes. “Now now, I want you to answer me, not nod and shake your head. A simple yes or no. Did you touch a crystal?”

Gon stammed and stuttered. He looked at the man, with black and white hair like his father and dark brown eyes like his mother, cleared his throat and tried again. “Yes.”

“Good. Did it glow?”


“What color was it?”

Gon frowned, “No.”

“No? No what?”

“No color.”

The man smiled and Gon smiled back. The tower might have been scary, but this man was like everyone else. He smiled, even if he did live here. “I mean what color was the glow, not the crystal.”

“Oh,” Gon said. He looked down at his toes and drew a line there. “Green.”

The man stood up and smoothed his night shirt. “Well then, come on in.”

Gon looked backward, to the dark spot where the trail had been. He looked but he couldn’t see his brother there.

“I am sorry son, but he left you here with me.”


“Because most people are afraid of magic.”

Gon turned back to the man who waved his hand to invite the child in. “Why?”

The man smiled. “If you keep asking why about everything you and I are going to become good friends.”

Gon stepped in. “My Da says I ask why too much.”

“You can never ask why too much.” The door shut with the same whisper it had opened with. “Wizards always ask why?”

“Are you a wizard?”

“Yes I am and if you will listen to me and do what I tell you, then you might be one someday too.”

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  1. lizz
    August 21, 2013 at 11:03 AM

    Awesome! I love your writing. Glad you find time for it, you’re very talented. I can’t wait till your famous!

    • August 21, 2013 at 11:17 AM

      Thanks. That is really nice to hear.

      I do most of my writing at lunch. I don’t find a lot of time for it otherwise.

  2. August 21, 2013 at 4:01 PM

    Congrats on the acceptance!

    I liked this piece. Will you be continuing it?

    • August 22, 2013 at 6:00 AM

      I don’t know. Fantasy is not as much of my thing as horror so I hadn’t planned on it but this might be worth visiting more.

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