I don’t have a lot to say this week. Life is moving right along and I am still waiting on a bunch of submissions to come back. I have just started another erotic horror story that may end up running long enough to be a novella instead of a short story. I am a little more than three thousand words in and I don’t see the ending yet.

If that is the case, then I will have to find a publisher rather than sending it in as a submission to the “Devils and Deviants” anthology. No big deal, but I am curious as to this trend. The last few things I have written have gotten longer than I had planned. I think this is a good trend but only time will tell.

L. E. White


Joshua felt the pin prick stings of heat on the back of his ears as the sparks rained down on him. He rose back up to his feet, the heavy hammer in his hands trembling as he tried to raise the weapon up in front of him.

The old axe came up in a slow, steady arc from where it had just struck. Joshua could hear the slurping sound of the muscles rubbing together as the corpse brought its weapon back up in front of it.

He tried again to call upon his god. The Bringer of Light should have looked upon his follower and granted him the divine strength to burn this undead monstrosity to dust, but the heavens did not answer.

The axe came down again and Joshua dodged to the side. He stepped forward and chopped down with his hammer. The smooth, flat surface of the heavy metal head struck the creature with the sound of a man dropping a large melon. Gore splattered out, throwing blood and brains all over Joshua and the body of his companion, Maria.

He shook from the effort. Maria had thought it grand fun to meet in the old crypts. The couple had come down many times to share a quiet moment alone but tonight she had wanted more. The serving girl had unlaced her bodice and from then on Joshua had been so focused on what they were doing that he had failed to hear the creature’s approach. Maria had been on top of him, head thrown back in ecstasy, when the axe had first come crashing down. The blade struck her in the chest and in that moment, Joshua had lost his love.

The young priest sat on top of the sarcophagus that they had used for their bed and wept. He looked down at her, seeing the deep gash splitting her chest and the splattered bits from the monster where he had slain it, and vomited.

His hammer rested on the floor beside him, handle leaned against the tomb of some long dead clergyman, while the young man struggled to regain his wits. His life was as good as over, he was abandoned by a god that would not tolerate his lack of abstinence despite him not having taken such vows yet. His love, the beautiful girl who he would have gladly spent the rest of his life with, now grew cold on the stone floor.

He could hear the blood dripping from her wound, falling to the floor with a slow, steady tapping.

Joshua wrinkled his brow. Maria was lying on the floor. There shouldn’t be a dripping sound.

Small, cold fingers gripped his shoulders, dragging Joshua backward along the lid. The mouth that had only just given him such pleasure latched onto his neck. The teeth that had nibbled on his lower lip gouged into his throat, ripping away a chuck of flesh so that his own life’s blood could spurt out and into the gaping wound that marred the marble white skin which he had been licking a short time ago.

Joshua managed to make a single, strangled sound before the darkness swept in on him.

Maria made many sounds as she feasted on her lover one last time.

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