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I don’t know what to name this one

I hate naming my stories. I am never sure what to call them. I know I have a tendency to think I am clever with a horrible pun so I have to be careful.

I have spent weeks trying to come up with a name. Worst part of the process unless it just jumps out at me. Now, think about that with a weekly post.

Anyway, my youngest loves werewolves. He like to run around in a werewolf costume and try to scare all of us. He jumps out and roars then runs away laughing. Because of that, my wife made him this cake for his birthday. I think she did a wonderful job.

photo (1)


Besides the decoration, it tasted wonderful. A good time was had and I had an idea for yet another werewolf story. I hope you enjoy it.

Happy Birthday Little Buddy.

L. E. White


Luke stood with his back to the wall, the shotgun in his hands shook just a little, but the door was blocked and the cops weren’t getting through. He had this.

Some stupid bitch was screaming about her wedding ring not coming off. At least that was Josh’s problem.

“If you don’t get that rock off your finger I will fucking cut it off,” Josh screamed.

Luke turned away, he needed the money, but he didn’t want to watch Josh cut some poor woman’s finger off. Luke was sure the crazy son of a bitch would do it. He had done it before.

Rick and Frankie were at the day vault. It wasn’t much, but it would be enough money for them to get out of the country and head south, away from the cold and snow to someplace with sun and bikinis.

The shot rang out through the room and Luke snapped back around. Josh had his gun up and the woman was on the floor, sobbing and screaming in a hysterical frenzy.

“Shut your fucking mouth or I’ll shoot you too.”

“What happened?” Rick came out of the vault, a half empty bag in his hand and his pistol up.

“Lady’s husband came at me when I was going to help her get her ring off,” Josh yelled over the noise of the wailing woman.

“Just leave her alone man,” Rick said. “No matter how big the rock is it isn’t worth it.”

Josh spun around, stomping away and waving his gun around at the people on the floor. Luke looked out the front again and Rick turned back to the vault.

A minute later, Luke realized that he couldn’t hear her screaming anymore. “What the hell did you do that woman now?”

Josh was over by a side window. “I didn’t do nothin’. The bitch just shut her hole.”

Luke turned around to look at where Josh had left them, The woman was standing up, smiling  and wide eyed like she had just opened her first Christmas present.

“Get down on the floor lady,” Luke said.

She started laughing. A quick, sharp laugh that sound like puppies barking at each other. She laughed louder and faster as she backed away from her husband’s body. Luke took a step closer, trying to see the corpse over the top of the couch that was between them.

“Josh, is that guy dead?”

The lady covered her mouth with her hands and looked up at Luke. Josh turned away from the window and started to head over to the couch.

“You are in so much trouble,” the woman said in a sing-song voice before she started laughing again.

“Bitch, knock that sh….” Luke saw Josh’s eyes widen. He stood there, his gun pointed at the floor in front of him, shaking as if he were having a seizure. Luke took another step away from the door before he noticed the dark, spreading spot on Josh’s jeans.

A woman on the floor screamed and jumped up. Luke raised his gun but she wasn’t looking at him. She was staring at the spot where the body was, and she was backing away.

“You are in so much trouble.”

A deep rumbling growl shook the room.  Luke turned to look at the plants, watching the leaves shake, and turned back as the tellers and the other customers got up and backed away.

A large, dark, shaggy form came up from the floor.  From the back it looked like one of those buffalo that you see in old western movies, but when it turned to look around, Luke saw that it was just hunched over.  He was looking at the back of a tall, hairy thing with long, tooth filled jaws that were dripping ropes of thick drool onto the floor.

The creature looked at the laughing woman who lowered her hands to reveal a crazed smile. “That one hurt you.”

Josh made a little, high pitched noise that sounded like a Luke has just stepped on his sister’s kitten. He didn’t move; he didn’t raise his gun. Josh just stood there staring with his mouth hanging open as the monster stood up right.

The hairy beast took a single step towards Josh before the room echoed with gun shots. Rick and Frankie stood behind the counter, guns up. Four red spots on the monster’s ribs turned red, but it didn’t fall down.

“Oh fuck me,” Frankie said. Both of them started firing as the thing lunged towards them. The big body flew through the air, jerking at each bullet that struck it, but not stopping. Frankie disappeared like someone had just thrown a fur coat on top of him and there was a short scream followed by a loud crunch. Rick emptied his gun, continuing to click the old revolver as his fingers worked despite his brain not realizing he was out of bullets.

The monster’s paw flashed out and Rick screamed. He went down under that mountain of fur even as his hand and gun flew through the air to land on the floor beside Luke. There were two more clicks as the muscles continued to squeeze the trigger before the last strength left the severed limb.

“That one shot you. Get him,” the woman yelled, pointing at Josh when the monster turned to look around the room again. Josh staggered back a couple of steps and turned to run, dropping his gun in the process, before the thing caught him. It pinned him to the ground before darting his head down to rip a piece off of Josh.

Josh screamed, but whatever it was doing didn’t kill him. The gunman continued to scream as the beast took bites out of his back side and swallowed them by tilting its head up and choking the meat down.

Luke put his gun down, flipped the lock on the door and moved away. He took off his mask and dropped it into a potted plant before stepping up beside one of the tellers who was pressing her back to the wall.

The woman turned to look at the door. “Where’s the other one?”

The teller had her eyes closed and her face turned to press one cheek against the same wall her back was against. Luke looked at the monster’s wife and then at the monster. It rose up off of Josh’s corpse, blood covered its head and upper body while long ropes of pink drool dripped down from its teeth.

Luke looked at her again and then nodded his head towards the door.

“He’s getting away,” the woman yelled and the monster smashed through the door in a shower of glass and metal.

The room was quiet for a moment. Luke stared at the door way before turning to watch the woman as she made her way towards the door.

She walked out and as soon as she was out of sight, Luke heard a loud howl from the parking lot. Then, he slumped down the wall, his legs refusing to hold him up any longer.

After a few minutes, everyone was sitting. Nobody said anything as the each person tried to make sense of what they had just seen. Luke heard the crunch of someone coming through the glass of the door and he looked up, hoping to see a police officer.

The creature was stalking in, the lady walking behind it. “That almost worked,” she said to Luke as the monster growled.

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