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Little Book 9

I just deleted what I had started to write about. How in the world do other blogs keep from whining and griping all the time. None of you want to hear the bitching and moaning. I refuse to let this turn into a sappy introspective pile of drivel. How  do others keep finding something to write about?

Granted, that is why I keep posting new fiction. Still, I can’t help but wonder. I guess I need to find more productive topics. Definitely something to work on for next time. Until then, I hope you enjoy this weeks addition.

L. E. White

Little Book 9

Joey sat on the couch with his legs stretched out and his fingertips pressed together in front of his lips. Across from him, the cat was curled into a ball on top of the chair. Neither had spoken since Claire forced him back into the car.

When the pair had returned home, she had transformed into the cat and taken the spot that she was in now. Joey had sent for food and coffee but so far, he hadn’t touched either.

“Where else will I not be allowed to go if I want to?”

The cat opened one eye and shut it again before Claire’s voice came out of it. “You may not enter religious buildings or monuments. Those are the only places that our kind may not travel through.”

“So you are a biblical Demon?”


“Why can’t you enter those places?”

The cat lifted its head and stared at him for a few seconds. “Would you like me to change shape to have this conversation?”

“I don’t care. Why can’t you enter those places?”

The cat lowered its head to its paws. “The best description for this is because they are of one polarity and our kind is of another.”

Joey nodded and the pair fell silent again. He sipped his coffee and worked on his tablet while she moved around to lie in the sun.


Amy walked into the apartment and looked around, smiling at the empty room until she saw the cat lying on the floor in a patch of late afternoon sun. When she looked up at Joey, standing in the doorway to the bedroom, she smiled even bigger.

“Come here,” he said, and she hurried across the room. He wrapped his arms around her and tilted her chin up, kissing her in one long, passionate kiss before breaking away. “You hungry?”

She shrugged, “Not really but I could eat. You wanting to go out somewhere?”

Joey grinned as he stretched out and finger and traced it along her chin. “No, I want to stay in, but we can order something if you want it.”

Amy giggled and took his hand in hers, lifting it up so that she could kiss the tip of his finger. They called down an order and rolled the cart into the bedroom before shutting the door on Claire.


The humans took their time and Claire assumed that Joey was taking out his frustrations with her on the woman. The spent the whole night in the bedroom, things banged and creaked, he groaned and she made many sounds that were a cross between pleasure and pain.

As mortals count time, the next day began and Claire realized that the sounds were starting to fall away. The couple was getting quieter as time passed, but every now and then the woman would let out a long, exaggerated moan that Claire recognized as false.

A little later, Claire realized that she could not hear them at all. At first she considered that they must have fallen asleep, but then she concentrated, and discovered the lack of their heart beats.

The cat didn’t move; it just melted away until it was replaced by the human assistant. She crossed the room as fast as possible without teleporting, and grabbed the handle of the door.

Claire tried to turn the knob, but it would not move. Then she shoved, intending to break the door, but the portal would not budge. She drew back on tiny hand and punched forward. Her small fist hit the wood like a train, but the barrier did not explode. Instead, a single knock sounded.

She punched the door a few more times, but none of her attacks did any more to the wooden plank than make it shake in its frame.

Amy opened the door, and when Claire looked past her into the room, her eyes narrowed. Joey was lying naked on the bed, arms behind his head, looking at her with a smug smile. “Is something wrong?”

Claire started to step forward, but she felt as if she were trying to walk against the waves in the ocean. “I was just checking on you sir. I had not heard you and wanted to verify that you were alright.”

“We are,” Joey said. “In fact, we are doing wonderfully, thank you.”

The stood staring at each other for a moment before Claire nodded and stepped away. She made eye contact with Amy, who smiled an evil, taunting smile as she shut the door in the demon’s face.


Amy turned back to Joey with a huge smile on her face. He nodded to her and she strutted back to the bed, resuming her place between his legs.

Joey looked past her bobbing head and smiled at the door, which he had surrounded with pages from a bible. He had rolled them up and strung them around with tape to make a ring around the door while Amy had pretended to be having sex. The same thing surrounded the windows. He had watched as Claire started forward. He had seen her step towards the door, only to be stopped before crossing the threshold.

He turned his attention back to Amy and her efforts before lying back on the bed and closing his eyes. He tried to enjoy her work, but his mind was racing. He had a lot to accomplish once they finished, but his plan was forming.

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