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Little Book 10


Sirens Call Publications has just released “Slaughter House: The Serial Killer Edition – Volume 3” which includes a story of mine. Here is the synopsis.

The majority of us know the common connotation of a serial killer. But how many of us know that by definition, a serial killer is an individual who has only killed a minimum of three people on separate occasions? Interesting fact, wouldn’t you say.

What you’ll find here are not only the stories of the atrocities committed by such individuals, but their thoughts, choices, and the twisted paths their lives have taken to bring them to this point.

These are the stories behind the serial killers.

Slaughter House: The Serial Killer Edition – Volume 3 contains the following eleven fictional


Appetites – Ken MacGregor

The Spirit of Sportsmanship – Justin M. Ryan

The Questioning – K. Trap Jones

The Wild Feast – L. E. White

Night Of The Wampus – Melissa Crory

Eddy and The Girls – Trevor Firetog

Food for Thought – Katie Jones

The Eyes Have It – James WF Roberts

Joey and the Hippie – Jenean McBrearty

Representations – W.B. Stickel

At Any Cost – Alex Chase


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Amazon: US, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Brazil, Japan, MexicoIndia



So, just in time for you holiday, give the gift of fear with a book that includes something of mine. Have a good one.

L. E. White

Little Book 10

The sun had been up for no more than a few minutes and Joey wasn’t wasting any of his day. Amy was stretched out on the bed, naked, beautiful and inviting, but she was still asleep and he knew she would stay that way for a few more hours.

Joey sat on the end of the bed with his tablet in hand. He searched the net, sent message and made contacts while wearing a quiet smile. A couple of hours later, he hooked the little computer up to the charger and stepped to the window.

“Today is going to be beautiful.”

Amy groaned and stretched before squinting over at him. “Come back to bed, it’s really early.”

He walked back with a grin, “Good idea.”


“I do not like this,” Claire said as she followed Joey and Amy down the street. “There are too many people around to be sure you are safe.”

“I always watch this parade,” Joey said. “This is a holiday tradition and I want enjoy it. Try to relax.”

Amy rolled her eyes and pulled Joey’s arm closer as she clicked along beside of him.

Joey watched the floats and bands as they passed. Amy stood beside him, smiling and pointing out things that she liked while Claire stood to the other side about a step behind him, looking bored. He checked on her once or twice, noticing that the demonic bodyguard’s eyes darted around despite being half closed.

The three of them wandered around, sampling the food and looking at the various crafts people were selling. As the sun slunk towards the horizon, they headed towards the parking garage. Amy held a teddy bear in one arm and Clair continued to snap her eyes from side to side, looking for threats.

A group of children were standing on their porch, throwing paper snappers at their feet and dancing around, laughing and squealing almost hiding the crack of a rifle shot that sounded down the street. Claire was thrown backward when the bullet struck her temple, and gore splattered the people walking behind them.

Amy screamed as four big men jumped out of a van parked along the street. They charged towards Joey as other festival goers scattered, and he reached into his coat, drawing out a sleek, silver pistol.

“Move!” The word sounded like it came from breaking guitar strings and Joey’s mouth dropped open as Claire charged past him. He stared at her, his mouth hanging open in disgust as the bloody mess of a woman lunged at the closest of the men from the van. A small hole with an angry red puckering around it was visible where the snipers bullet had hit her.

Claire grabbed the man by the shoulders and while he wore the same expression of shock as the others, he recovered and grabbed the bloody woman, thinking he could overpower her.

He was wrong.

The tiny corpse elongated, Claire’s mid-section extending, so that they were equal in height. The demon spun like a child’s toy, dragging the man off his feet and launching him towards his companions.

Two of the thugs dropped to the ground and their companion flew towards the van like a football that had just been thrown by a first time quarter back. He spun, arms and legs spread wide before slamming into the side of the vehicle with a crunching sound like dry cereal.

“Move!” The creature bellowed the word again as the third of the attackers shot her with a taser. The tiny darts connected and the demon jerked as a sizzling noise was accompanied by another crack of a distant gun shot. What remained of Claire’s head rocked backward as Joey turned and dashed up the steps of the building beside of him.

Joey grabbed the door’s handle and jerked it open before falling into the building and pulling his feet inside the threshold. Amy tried to scramble towards him, still down on her hands and knees, when she came off the ground with a shriek.

Claire whipped Amy over her head and threw the petite blonde at the man with the taser. He stood there, eyes wide and lips parted, until the woman turned dodge-ball collided with him, knocking him off his feet and landing them both in piles a couple of yards away.

One of the last two had stood up and he turned to run away. The other was still climbing to his feet when Claire launched herself towards him. As she moved, her body flowed, changing from the headless corpse of Joey’s busty personal assistant into a beast that might have been a cross between a praying mantis and a gorilla.

Clair’s arms stretched out, each one splitting and filling out as coarse hair spread in spiraling branches out to the ends. Each arm ended in a pair of hands, facing each other with the fingers interlocking into gigantic fists. The glob of pulp that had been her head transformed into an insect like replica of two praying mantis’s with the backs of their heads glued together.

The slower of the men managed no more than a tiny squeak before one of the monster’s fists knocked his head off of his shoulders. She was past him and reaching for the other before the corpse fell back to the ground. The runner tried to dodge to the side as his companion’s head flew past him but Claire was too fast. Both arms on one side reached out, the double fists opening like the mouth of a venus fly trap, and in another step, she had him and was lifting him into the air.

There was another crack as the rifle put another round into the air. Claire’s head moved like she was sneezing and a bullet cracked into the trunk of a small tree. Joey heard the thunk of the impact and looked at the bits of splinter and bark as they fell to the ground.

His eyes were drawn back to Clair as the man she had ahold of shrieked. Claire shoved her fingers of one large hand through his lower back before spreading them out. The man tore apart, his guts spilling out of the hole once Claire pulled her hand away. He let out a soft whimper and then all Joey could hear was the sound of his guts falling to the pavement with a wet slurping.

Claire dropped the body and then blurred out of sight. Joey listened, waiting until he heard two shots, before scooting further back from the door and standing up.

Claire re-appeared, clean and human again, after no more than another second. She started to step forward, but stopped and looked around. Her eyes began to glow a soft blue as her lips parted in a snarl. “Come here, we need to leave.”

Joey shook his head and turned his back on her. “I’ll be right back. Just wait there.”

Claire’s body trembled so that it looked like she was having a seizure. Waves of heat rolled off of her as she tried to find a way to get to Joey inside the church. “Come back here.”

He ignored her as he walked towards the old priest who was making his way toward the door. “I need to talk to you Father. This is really important.”

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