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Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays everyone. It has been almost two years now and I appreciate all of you reading along as I practice writing and try to do a better job of storytelling. Here is hoping you are enjoying yourselves.

I decided to take a crack at the holiday itself with a Krampus tale. So let the season sort it’s self out. Keep warm, be kind and good luck.

L. E. White


Tammy panted as she ran through the snow, fighting to keep her feet under her ass as icy water squirted between her toes. Her breath shot out in short puffs of steam as years of smoking fought with her need for air.

She darted to the left and slammed her ass against a tree that was too small for such a wide woman to hide behind. She bent forward, resting bright red hands on her knees as she fought to keep from blacking out. Even before she had left school, she had avoided physical labor. She didn’t work, much less work out, and the only cardio she ever did was being on top of whatever guy had bought her a drink.

“I’m tripping. I must be tripping.” She gasped the words out over and over as she held her side in an attempt to relieve the pain from her exertion.


The party had sounded fun, and despite having no idea what Krampus was, she had went. Pictures of a devil with one hoof and one foot had been plastered all over one of the county fair buildings.

“I think that’s Krampus,” Craig said, the smell of the beer he had been drinking in the car wafted out around him and it made Tammy’s mouth water thinking about getting one herself. “What the hell kind of fucked up shit is this anyway?” He popped a pill into his mouth, swallowing it without a drink before extending the little bag to her.

One tiny white pill later and they had went in and found out. The place was set up with all sorts of novelties about the Christmas punisher and as they walked around, they heard stories and old legends.

“You having fun?”

Tammy turned around to find a big guy with a bristling beard standing behind her. He looked wild and rough and she smiled, hoping he was flirting. Craig’s eyes were almost rolling in his head where he stood behind her. As stoned as he was, he would be down for anything which meant sharing if the big guy would go for it. She looked him up and down, hoping he would go for it.

Maybe he wouldn’t want to share? He looked like he was in better shape than Craig, so that might be alright too.

“Yeah, this stuff is crazy. What about you?”

“Oh yeah, I love the Krampus stories. That’s why I put this together.”

Tammy smiled and started twisting a strand of her died black hair.  “Oh so this was your idea?”

“Yeah,” the big guy said. “I like the idea that there is more to being on the naughty list than just not receiving a present.”

Tammy twisted her foot. “So you like punishment?”

He grinned at her. “When someone deserves it, yeah.”

She licked her lip before opening her mouth to ask his name. At the same moment, someone yelled and he turned and nodded. “Gotta go, have fun and behave.”

“I don’t want to behave,” Tammy said as she watched him leave.

Craig staggered back over to her from where he had been staring at a poster. “I think there are people having sex in the background of that poster.”

She let him lead her over to it, knowing that he just wanted to rub and not minding the idea. Even if it was only Craig.

Tammy and Craig continued through the place, talking to people, listening to stories and drinking or taking whatever they could get from anyone who would offer it.  After an hour or two, Tammy was thinking it was time to go when Craig grabbed her arm and pulled her off to the side. “I got someone who wants to talk to you.”

They stepped out the side and around the corner of the building. The snow was a little more than ankle deep and she regretted wearing the low boots as soon as she stepped off of the shoveled paths. In the shadows around the corner, a tall, lean man in a black leather coat stood with his arms crossed.

“So, this is her?”

“Yeah,” Craig answered. He turned to Tammy and smiled at her with that look that she knew meant he was about to say something stupid.  “Babe, this is Marty. He has some good shit but won’t share unless we share. You want to do some sharing?”

She looked Marty up and down, stopping on his hand when he held a small bottle of white powder up for her to see it. She smiled and nodded. “Sharing is important after all.”

Marty didn’t say anything. He tossed Craig the bottle and then unzipped his pants.

Craig had taken a huge snort out of the bottle and then handed it to Tammy before walking off and leaving her behind the building to do the sharing. She looked at the remaining powder, decided it was worth it, and then got busy.

Marty was behind her, with her bent over a snow filled trash barrel when Tammy had turned to look beside them and saw some guy walking toward them. Whoever the guy was, he had the Krampus thing down. He was wearing a Santa costume with horns and looked like a giant, walking towards them with a wad of small tree limbs in his hand.

“Wait your turn and then we can talk business,” Marty had said as the Krampus came closer. Tammy felt the dealer grip her cold hips tight as he picked up pace, trying to finish before the costumed monster got to them.

She looked at the newcomer, wondering if he wanted the dealer or her, and watched him lift the bundle of switches into the air.

“Hey man, I …”

The sound of the limbs whacking into Marty was followed by the sudden absence of Marty from behind her. Tammy looked back over her shoulder to see the dealer slam into the transformer behind the building and slump to the ground. Krampus stepped toward him and Tammy hauled her pants back up before darting away into the darkness.


The snap of a tree limb from just behind her sent the woman charging blindly out into the night. She ran through the woods that surrounded the fairgrounds until she came to the fence that marked the property line. She crashed into the barb wire and felt the sharp bite of the metal through her coat.

“Fuck!” She pulled back, but the barbs fought to keep her there. Her coat snagged on the wire and when she thrashed to get back, she heard the fabric tear.

She started to curse again as she spun around to head away from the fence, but the words died on her lips as she looked at the figure standing behind her.

“You have been naughty.”

She shivered and her teeth chattered. “I-I-I-I’m an a-a-ad-ult.”

“I don’t care.” He said with a slow, clipped accent. “You are naughty.”

Her jaw trembled as she fought to say, “I can have sex if I want to. I didn’t cheat or anything.”

“No,” he said, stepping closer. She backed up, pressing hard against the fence, feeling the bite of the barbs in her back but not noticing. “I know everything that you have done.”

Tammy swallowed hard, racking her brain. There were so many things that she did every day that she wondered which one did he mean?

“I have seen you raise your hand to your children. I have seen the marks of violence and anger.”

Her face went pale and then red. She remembered slapping her daughter for mouthing off to her. She remembered leaving her son alone in the apartment for a week while she was stoned out of her mind. Indignant anger stepped in for courage and the short, fat woman snarled at the monster before her. “Those are my kids and I’ll raise them however I see fit. You can’t tell me what to do with my fucking kids.”

Krampus moved forward. He stood so close that she could smell the hot, stink of his breath every time the massive chest moved. “I won’t tell you what to do,” he said in a hushed voice. “I will however do as I see fit.”

Her chin trembled as she opened her mouth to protest. Her response died on her lips as she watched the bundle of switches raise up into the air. The hand hesitated for a second, letting the moment stretch out as Tammy found her voice. “Don’t.”

The lash fell and a dozen burning, stinging lines of pain raced over the left side of her body. She slumped, being held up somewhat by the fact that her coat was still tangled in the fence. She watched the bundle rise up again as she heard the deep, rasping voice say, “That is the same word your daughter said before the second punch.”

Tammy closed her eyes and saw her daughter’s face in the darkness. Blood coming out of her nose and tears running down her cheeks. She squeezed her lips together and listened to the switches as they swished through the air towards her.


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