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Switching things up

I hate winter. Snow and ice are in the forecast and I can’t help but snarl. I know that one of my favorite characters, Calvin, loves building snowmen and throwing snowballs, but I don’t care. I detest this vile season. My father is in warmer climate at the moment and I am more than a little jealous.

If I want to see snow, I will change my desktop background. Thank you very much.

I actually couldn’t do that. I would have to go download a picture with snow. I don’t have a photo with snow in it in my slideshow. I have a picture of kids using a flamethrower to kill a demonic snow man, but no pics of cute animals huddled together for warmth.

You have your scary, I have mine.

So I will continue to hate this season and wish that I could go to warmer climates. One of these days, but not today.

By the way, if you are the person who is praying for snow, you better hope I don’t find you.

I have always said that this is a place for writing exercises and experimentation. Today’s story is different. I felt like a change. I hope you like it.

L. E. White


The sound of the key in the door is the signal that she has been waiting for. She is obedient and knows what is expected of her. In the span of the seconds between the key striking the lock and her master turning the door’s knob, she has assumed her position on the floor.

He steps inside and looks at her with a smile. She looks calm, her face a mask of control that fails to hide the excitement in her eyes. He can see it and it makes him smile.

The man removes his coat and hangs it on the rack before moving toward his pet. She fidgets, unable to fully contain her excitement at his return. The man smiles and reaches down, caressing her before heading to the kitchen.

She moves now, going to the doorway to watch as he works. He does not touch her again, but every now and then he looks over and smiles. They both enjoy this time, another moment spent together. Words are not needed, so the silence is only broken by the sizzling of meat and the bubbling of whatever pots or pans he is using.

After they have eaten and the kitchen is clean, the pair end up on the couch together. She lays down, placing her head in his lap, and he runs his hand up and down her body. She is thrilled by his touch but it just isn’t enough. She squirms and wiggles, trying to shift so that his hands touches the places she wants touched, but he ignores her and continues his slow, soft caress. She groans, but it is not loud enough to warrant a scolding.

When the newscaster says goodnight, the man stands up. She does not leave the couch, allowing him to go get their toys without her despite her knowing what he is getting. She will make a game of this, if only to increase her own anticipation.

When he returns, he has a collar. It is made of soft leather and it has a metal plate attached to it, declaring to the world that she is his. He walks up and places it on her.

“Are you ready?”

She doesn’t answer him. Instead she stretches, reaching as far as she can. He smiles as he watches her muscles move. After that, she rolls off of the couch and moves to a spot on the rug beside of him.

He clips the leash onto the loop of the collar with the whispered words, “Good Girl.”

Hours later, they are lying in bed together. His fingers rest in her silky tresses, but neither of them are moving. Each is exhausted and drifting into sleep. “Good night, Ellie,” he says.

She snuggles closer, lying so that they touch as much as possible while lying side by side.

“Good night Jon.”

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  1. ganymeder
    February 7, 2014 at 10:48 AM

    Yeah, I suspected but wasn’t sure until the end. Weird and well done!

    • February 7, 2014 at 10:56 AM

      It felt almost cliche when I wrote it, so I was worried about how it would come across. I don’t feel that the end was in any way a surprise, but I wanted to experiment with keeping a character obscure.

      I am really glad you enjoyed it. Thanks.

  1. February 8, 2014 at 9:29 AM

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