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Nothing but story this week. Life can be like that sometimes.

L. E. White


Jack snarled, a low rumble coming out of his throat as his upper lip curled back to reveal a row of teeth that were stained by years of cigarettes and coffee. The growl sounded like he was trying to clear his throat without making enough noise to disturb the other people in the room.

The doctor looked up at him, eyebrows coming closers together as the man’s forehead wrinkled. “Are you all right sir?”

“I’m fine.”

Samantha let out a disgusted sigh. She opened her mouth to tell her husband to stop being silly, but clamped it back shut. Her lips pressed together as she hissed from the pain of her swollen finger being straightened by the physician.

“That seems like it’s pretty painful,” The doctor said. Jack saw her free hand jerk as the doctor wiggled her finger again. “I think it is also more swollen today than it was yesterday.”

“Yeah, it didn’t get any better,” the short redhead said as she twisted her fingers into the sheets of the emergency room bed she was sitting on. “I was hoping the swelling would…” Her words cut off and she jumped again before finishing her sentence.  “Would go down, but I don’t think it did.”

Jack clenched his fist tighter, fighting the urge to punch the tall, skinny man for hurting his wife. Each time she hissed or jumped, Jack’s arm would twitch. After the first couple of times, he put his hands into his pockets to hide his agitation. He was sure that she knew what was going on, but he didn’t want to frighten the doctor into asking him to leave her room.

If that happened, then he would start hurting people. They weren’t going to make him leave her.

“You need surgery to clean out the sheath around your tendon,” the doctor said. He released her hand and stepped back to lean against the wall. “It is a simple procedure, but it is a little painful.”

Samantha looked over at Jack and forced a smile onto her face. Jack did the same, hoping that she wouldn’t worry about his temper.


Jack watched her eyes flutter open as she fought off the effects of the pain killers. He wasn’t a patient man when it came to his wife’s health and wellbeing, but he did his best to keep her comfortable.

Samantha had come out of the surgery fine and Jack had taken her home and put her to bed without incident. The only problem was that he was now the one who had to take care of her pets.

It had been one of her tiny, flying sugar gliders that had bit her. Samantha had been playing with it when her cat had jumped into her lap. The sugar glider had panicked and tried to escape, biting her finger in the process.

Jack wanted to fry the little bastard and serve it to her.

He went to the kitchen and filled the little bowls. He walked back with slow, dragging steps, fighting to keep from making a mess as he carried them into the bedroom where the cages stood silent watch around the bed. She loved being able to watch them as she fell asleep.

Jack had just opened the cage when he heard something scratch against the back door. He looked up, wondering if the ignorant mutt his wife adopted had forgotten how to use the doggy door again, before looking back to the cage.

“Stay in there,” he whispered to the sugar glider that was peeking out of the exercise wheel at him. “I don’t want to chase you around and wake her up.

He stopped again when he heard slow cracking, like someone breaking spaghetti, coming from the other room. Jack listened, looking back over his should and seeing the little black and white dog lying over his wife’s feet. It started to whine. The Glider ran up his sleeve and crawled into the breast pocket of his shirt.

“It isn’t you,” he asked the dog as he headed towards the living room. “What the hell is trying to get in?”

When Jack stepped into the living room, he froze. The cracking and splintering of the door was growing louder as a pair of large, hairy paws pushed to widen the opening.

The glass in the door pulled away from the goop that sealed them into their frames. Jack stood and watched, staring with his mouth hanging open as one of the panes fell out and hit the floor with a tink.

“What the hell?”

A single eye peeked inside from between the paws. Light from the television reflected off of it, giving it a sick green shine.

Two more pieces of glass fell and the beast snorted.

Jack lunged forward. His shotgun was in the coat closet near the door. He had no idea what that thing was, but he was sure that if it got through the door, he was dead.

They were dead.

He grabbed the knob and started to open the door when the paws moved away. Jack looked at the splintered opening, wondering if he had scared it away when one of the arms shot toward him.

The creature might not fit all the way in yet, but that single arm was long enough to hit Jack in the ankles and send his feet out from under him. He crashed down on the rug, landing with a thump that jarred his teeth together. His arm went numb from the impact and Jack rolled onto his back, grabbing his elbow with his other hand.

The paw opened up right above him, revealing four long fingers with more joints than Jack thought it should have had. The creature grabbed the front of his shirt and pulled the man towards the doggy door. Jack reached down and grabbed at the fingers, trying to pry them loose.

The glider let out a warbling screech and hustled out of Jack’s pocket. He figured it was running away, but was surprised when it ran up the furry arm and through the door.

Jack put his hand against the door, trying to stop the thing from dragging him out. He strained, but his arm folded up and his head smacked against the bottom of the door. Stars flashed in his eyes and a ring of darkness began to close up over his head. The last thing he heard was the little glider making a chirping noise that Samantha had called their happy sound.

Followed by a similar, though much deeper, chirping.


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  1. February 12, 2014 at 4:17 PM

    HAH! That’s gotta be one hell of a sugar glider!

  2. February 12, 2014 at 5:00 PM

    The little buggers are cute, but wow, what that bite can do.

  1. February 15, 2014 at 4:20 PM

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