I watched the movie, “Battle Dogs” recently. It was a strange take on werewolves that had potential, but lacked any sense of horror. This movie turned out to be an action file.

I was disappointed. It was probably my own fault though; I was expecting a horror movie, a monster movie. I wanted something that would make me look over my shoulder and peek around the corner before walking in. What I got wasn’t even close.

Like I said, I was disappointed.

L. E. White


Sarah stretched, reaching as far as possible to try and flatten out. She shifted her hips and shoulders back and forth like some exotic dancer. As her body wiggled, she moved sideways, ending up far enough under the car so that she wouldn’t be seen unless someone was going to lie down on the ground beside of her.

“I’m safe,” she thought.

She took a shallow breath, dragging in as much air as the tight space would allow.

The idea had been to wait for them to go past. They shouldn’t have been able to see her.

She heard one loud sniffling sound before long, thin fingers wrapped around her ankles and drug her out into the open.


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