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Road trip rebound

I have spent two of the last four days driving and I hate driving. I am glad I spent time with my wife but I would have preferred not to have spent so many hours driving.

Oh well, still time spent with my girl. Can’t really fault that.

Happy Birthday again my dearest. I love you.

L. E. White

Mistaken Identity

Leo leaned his head back, feeling the rough bark of the tree through his damp hair. Each sharp edge bit just a little, but it wasn’t enough to distract him from the throbbing pain of the bite.

As his eyes turned down to look at his leg, his head responded by nodding forward. In a wave, his eyes crawled over the injury before his chin fell to his chest. The raw, ragged red of blood and flesh mixed with the shredded remains of his jeans. The shining white, splintered bones that should have led to his ankle stuck out without a foot connected to them. He knew he would die and he hoped it would be fast.

The thump of a heavy step caused him to try to lift his eyes so that he could look at his attacker. This time, his head wouldn’t lift, so he just rolled his face to his shoulder and looked out of the corner of his eye.

He had come chasing a monster. Legends of a werewolf had worked their way out of the swamp and onto the message board he frequented. Leo looked at the heavy claws on the end of the powerful paw, getting a chance to see if lift off the ground to deliver what he hoped was the final blow.

He hadn’t found a mythical monster when he walked into the cave across the clearing from him. Instead, Leo had stumbled into the den of a large, reddish bear. He squeezed his eyes shut, unable to watch as the animal took one last swing.

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