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Biology 201

Very busy at work. Story only today.


Biology 201

Josh, his grandfather and Helen

Josh listened to the soft notes of a violin as it told a story of lost love. The notes pulled at his heart, bringing up images of the puppy he had been given three years ago. It had been a ball of black and tan fur that would follow behind him as he rode his bike. The driver who had hit the pup apologized and his mother had offered to get him another dog, but his Grandfather had been the one to sit with his hand on Josh’s shoulder. He had offered him support by saying nothing. He had just been there.

“This song seems to speak to you.”

Josh nodded. “It reminds me of Buster.”

The old man nodded. “Good music resonates with what you feel.”

Josh nodded and waited.

“We need to talk about you staring that the girl.”

Neither of them said a word for a few more minutes. Then, Josh’s grandfather sighed and turned off the radio.

“Did I do something wrong,” Josh asked.


“Then why did you say I should stop looking at her?”

When Josh’s Grandfather sighed, Josh imagined someone blowing out candles on a birthday cake. The breath was so deep and the sigh lasted so long, the he looked to be sure the old man was ok.

“You are about to become a man. There are many things you need to be prepared for before you decide to pursue the girl.”

“Dad already had that talk with me.”

Josh saw the smile spread across the old man’s face. “Well, I imagine that he still left a lot out.”

Josh shrugged.

“There is so much more to this than just feelings or the physical. When you are ready, you will discover that there is a give and take between you and her that could leave you vulnerable. You must be careful.”

Josh nodded. He was confused by what his Grandfather said, but he didn’t want to ask. All he wanted was for this conversation to be over.

“Take this slow. That is all I mean. If you rush, you might take more from her than you  intend to and you might end up giving more of yourself than you are prepared to part with.”

“I will.”

The old man smiled and glanced over. Josh nodded again, trying to look comfortable and reassuring.

“You are a good boy. Just keep being one.”

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