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Biology 302

Just the story. I don’t really have anything I want to talk about. I did just watch, “Possession” and it was a fantastic movie. I just don’t have the time to write a review today.

L. E. White

Biology 302

The feel of her lips, slick from either balm or lipstick, pushed all other thoughts out of his mind. Josh felt like his face was on fire. He realized that she was on top of him, her body warm and light, without realizing that they had ever changed positions. His left arm wrapped around her waist, squeezing her to him, while his right hand was tangled in her hair. As he felt the strands move around his fingers, he remembered the feel of the silk scarf that his aunt liked to wear.

Helen put both palms against his chest and pushed, lifting her body away from his. Josh craned his neck, striving to keep their lips touching as long as he could before falling back.

She looked down on him, grinning with one side of her mouth. She stared down at him like that for a moment before gripping his shirt in her hands and tugging it out from in between them. When he tried to move his hand to help her, she grabbed his arms and stopped him. “I got it.”

She pulled his t-shirt up so that she could slip the front over his face and behind his head. Josh felt the fabric pull tight across the back of his neck so he rolled his head around to try and find a better fit.

Helen leaned forward and put one hand on the seat beside his head before taking ahold of his wrist with the other hand. “Now it is your turn,” she said, while guiding his hand to the top button of her shirt.

Josh’s hand trembled as he tried to undo the buttons. Helen waited, smirking as he opened each button. When he finished and pulled her top apart. He stared at the white lace and traced his fingertip down her throat. When he skirted the upper edge of the lace she giggled.

“You seem to like what you see.”

All he could do was nod before the girl leaned back down and kissed him again.

It took a minute of kissing before he felt the movement of her hips. She was rocking and shifting her body on top of his and he groaned into her mouth as she moved. Helen responded to this by sitting up again and dragging her nails down his body to scratch tight circles around his navel.

“I like this,” she said. “And I can tell that you do too.”

He nodded gripping her waist with his hands.

“There is something else I want to do, if you will let me.”

Josh opened his mouth to speak, but the words were stolen when she moved her hand. He groaned and arched his back in response to her touch.

“Josh, I know that you are a really good singer.”

He blinked, trying to get his mind to focus on her words. ”Um, uh, I- I- I guess so.”

She shifted back down along his legs before undoing the top button of his jeans. “Would you be willing to do something special for me? I might be willing to do something special for you in return.”

Josh started gasping for breath. He looked at her with wide eyes and she began to drag a single fingertip back and forth from hip to him. He nodded once, and then began to bob his head hard and fast.

Helen bit her lip as she reached one hand down and lowered the zipper. She was still biting her lip when she reached both hands up and placed her palms flat on his stomach. She lifted her eyes to his, and Josh thought he saw her eyes sparkle in the shadows of the car.

“Will you sing to me Josh? Please?”

Josh swallowed, his mouth going dry. “You want me to sing?”

Helen stopped biting her lip and smiled at him. “Yeah, I would really like that.”

“What do you want me to sing?”

She shrugged, dropped her eyes down to her fingertips and began to push them up and down from hip to ribs. “I don’t care. I would just really like it if you sang to me.”

Josh wet his lip and took a deep breath. When he started, the song was soft and broken, but as each word came out, it grew stronger. The old hymn was one he had been singing for as long as he could remember, and his voice shifted deeper as he relaxed into the song.

Helen smiled a wicked smile before leaned down and placing a kiss just beneath Josh’s sternum. The song warbled and she stopped and looked back up at him.

Josh took another breath and fought to keep his voice steady. His eyes were locked on hers as she dragged her fingers down his skin until he felt her hit the waist of his pants.

He would have sworn her eyes were wrapped by twinkling Christmas lights just before she lowered them and hooked her nails into his waist band.



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