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Biology 401

Sorry for the delay. Here is the next installment to the Biology series. I hope you enjoy it.

L. E. White

Biology 401

Josh tilted his face towards the roof of the car and tried to keep his voice steady. He couldn’t believe what Helen was about to do for him and since she had asked him to sing to her he wanted to try and do a good job. He felt her pull on his waistband, stretching the material away from his skin and he let his eyes close. He hit one of the lowest notes in the song at the same time that she placed her lips on his stomach just below his belly button. His heart was racing, this was it, and he poured his exhilaration into his song.

The note seemed to take on a life of its own inside him. It vibrated out of his throat and Helen screamed. She released his waistband, letting the elastic snap back down against Josh’s stomach. There was a sudden pulse of high pitched noise, and then the windows of the car exploded, showering glass around the vehicle.

Josh’s eyes snapped open and he looked down. Helen was on the seat between his legs, her knees folded up under her and both hands over her ears. Her eyes were squeezed shut and her cheeks were streaked with black lines running down her face like snakes working their way over dead, dry grass.

A couple of drops had fallen off her chin and Josh could see where they had landed on his shorts. “What happened,” he asked, looking around the car. He could see tiny rainbows as pieces of glass that had remained on the car refracted the security light from posts around the parking lot.

A low, guttural, growl drew Josh’s attention back to Helen. He reached one hand forward, intending to put it on her shoulder and try to comfort her, when she looked up at him.

Josh’s breath came out in jagged gasps as he tried to slide further away from her on the seat. Helen was snarling at him, her lips pulled back so far that he could see her gums. Her eyes were wide, and where he thought he had imagined her eyes sparkling in the darkness, little red sparks now flowed from the outer edge into the center, making those eyes look like a neon arrow point to a motel with vacancies.

“Wh-Wh-What the…”

Helen’s words came out of the snarling and sounded like an old woman who had spent her life smoking. “What are you?”

“What the hell are you?”

Her growl raised in pitch until it sounded like the neighbor’s cat when it had gotten its hind end run over by a car. Helen shook her head, her hair flying loose and whipping around before arching her back and turning her face to the ceiling. Josh watched her change, her body shriveling so that he could see ribs and collar bones where her shirt was unbuttoned.

When Helen lowered her head to look at him, Josh screamed. A ring of black spikes had erupted around her mouth and her face had shrunk until the skin looked like a bed sheet stretched over her skull. He screamed, both hands clutching the seats around him until he had to gasp to take in another breath.

Helen lunged at him, her head low and slammed her face into his stomach. Josh felt a sharp, burning pain as the spikes slammed into his stomach, surrounding his belly button.

Josh screamed again, but his voice warbled and cracked as Helen’s back arched and he felt pressure against his gut. When he drew another breath, he felt cold. Numbness flowed out from his middle and with that numbness his mind cleared.

Josh took another short breath before making a sound. This time, instead of a scream, he let out a deep, vibrating note of song. He did his best to focus on that note, to make fill the air like he had done earlier, and the car began to shake.

Helen jerked away from him; long strands of dark dragging out between the two of them after her fangs released him. Josh’s voice broke when his breath ran out. The next breath brought with it another blast of searing pain and he gasps instead of resuming the note.

“What are you?” The words sounded like they were being screamed by a group of old women as the creature in front of him clawed at its face.  The creature reached one hand back and managed to open the door so that it could fall back out of the car and Josh stared as it started crawling away from the car. “Hurt. Hurts!”

Something landed on top of the car with a loud thump. Josh looked up to see a dent in the top of the car above him and tried to flatten out in the seat. He put his feet in the floor board and looked at Helen where she was lying in the parking lot.

Josh could see a ridge along her spine where she was lying on the pavement. Whatever she was, she managed to roll over and rise up onto her elbows. Its face lifted, and when those sparkling eyes met his again, Josh could feel the hatred coming out of her like standing in front of an oven that had just been opened.

The creature didn’t stop to stare at him; instead, it kept looking higher until he was sure it was looking at whatever had landed on top of the care. “No,” it said and its legs started scooting over the pavement in a fast, stomping motion as it tried to back further away from the car.

Josh heard a soft note, like a person singing the word, Ahh. The louder the note got, the faster the monster kicked its feet. The car began to shake and the bushes at the edge of the lot looked like they were being blown away by a storm.

The creature clapped its hands over its ears and screamed. Josh saw it twist and wiggle, its mouth wide open, despite not being able to hear it over the single note that now made the air look like it was waving from heat.

The monster on the ground arched its back so that only its head and feet were touching the ground. Though Josh couldn’t see its face, he still saw the blood splatter out on the pavement when its head exploded. The body went limp, and Josh felt like he was falling before the world went black.

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