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Something shorter

I haven’t been writing much. It seems like I have lost my time and I can’t find it anywhere. So, to try and get back into it, I am going to attempt to be a little stricter. I have to get writing more if I want this to be anything beyond a hobby.

In that effort, I felt like writing a real piece of flash fiction. One hundred words, no more and no less. This way, I even practiced editing to be able to hit my word count.

There are a lot of cliche’s that can be used in this. Nose to the grindstone; Fish or cut bait; Buckle down. They all mean the same thing.

Get To Work.

L. E. White

Keeping Your Cool

Charlie heard his breath rattling around his lungs like loose shutters smacking their frames on a windy night. As a kid, he had been afraid of noises in the dark. Now, he knew what made those noises. Fear changed to panic.

He realized he was hyperventilating when he saw little spots of light dancing around. Charlie clamped his mouth closed, trying to mimic the effect of a brown paper bag by holding his breath.

In that silence, he heard the soft rasp of scales rubbing the wall beside him. He gasped, and one last frantic breath turned into a scream.

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