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Review: Allure of the Vampire by Corvis Nocturnum

I am not much of a user of social media. I post on here and tie it to Facebook and Twitter, but that is just advertising. I just started going onto facebook a little bit in the last week or so, and it hasn’t been bad, but I don’t have the time to be on it much.

I tend to post funny pictures related to coffee on Twitter. My addiction rearing its ugly head.

But, I did get an interesting offer on Facebook. One that might get me to check it out a little more often. Corvis Nocturnum was kind enough to send me a review copy of his book, “Allure of the Vampire“.

No, it is not fiction.

Corvis has written about the vampire as a cultural icon and vampirism as a sub-culture thoughout history.

I want to start off by mentioning the down sides of the book. I prefer to end on a high note and I believe the book deserves it.

I found a few grammer/typo errors. These were usually things like missing words, extra words or the wrong word. It isn’t bad, and anyone who has read my work can site the same things. I really hope my editors don’t take this opportunity to add comments about just how much cleaning my writing needs. I only mention this in case you are a grammer nazi. For some people, this can throw them off of a book. Usually, I am one of those people. I don’t expect any book to be error free, but too many errors early can make me put a book down. I didn’t put this down.

If you are not interested in a educational read. If all you are looking for is escapism, then this might not be the book for you. The subject matter is handled in a very academic way without the reading turning dry. From the beginning, it is clear that the author has invested a lot of time into researching the topic. You aren’t going to get vivid descriptions that will transport you away. There isn’t a romantic undertone.

But, there are a lot of vampires. 🙂

Moving on to strictly good things.

This is something I am actually intending to re-read. The information Corvis gave me in this has sparked my imagination and it will influence my writing from here forward. I gained a deeper understanding that I hope will make my vampire stories more powerful. I believe that reading this has improved my future as a horror writer.

There are bits of history I didn’t know. References to stories and movies I have never heard of and, in some cases, they were created by brilliant people who’s other works are considered classics. Rudyard Kipling and Alexandre Dumas are both examples.

Corvis has managed to keep the language flowing so that you don’t feel bogged down. Try to remember your high school text books. A lot of times, the information was interesting, but the way it read would put you to sleep. I think Corvis has managed to avoid that throughout the book and I am impressed that he did. A boring author can change anything into a sleeping aid.

“Allure of the Vampire” does not do that.

If you are interested in Vampires beyond a movie screen. If you want to experience them as more than a tragic anti-hero or dark villan, then “Allure of the Vampire”, by Corvis Nocturnum is a book for you. I will be happy to give it five stars.

I already sent him a thank you. It is a wonderful book

L. E. White

Side note: I started writing a vampire short for today but it went over 1,000 words fast. I don’t see it breaking out of a short story, but I didn’t want to post it here. So I give you another vampire story. One that qualifies as Flash Fiction by being under the 1K mark. After reading this, you can expect more blood drinkers to stalk around here. I will try not to run it into the ground, pun intended, but I am going to play with these ideas.

Rise and Shine

Margret shifted, reaching up to scratch her nose, and the motion shifted the sheet over her skin. She felt this over her breasts, which was not uncommon. She liked to sleep topless. She also felt the thin cloth shift across her upper things and lower stomach. Now that was unusual, she never slept without her underwear on.

When she thought she opened her eyes, she wasn’t sure. It was so dark.

Margret reached up and over, stretching to grab the flash light, but she smacked into something with her hand.

“What,” she mumbled, trying to remember where she had been that she would now be beside the wall.

She tried to roll over and reach out the other way, but she bumped into another wall.

“What the fuck?”

Margret started to set up, but she hit her head against the ceiling.

She began to panic as she stretched out her arms, feeling the smooth metal walls that surrounded her. She brought her hands down to her body, feeling around as she tried to find a clue about where she was.

She froze, hands trembling against her skin where she had her fingers in her mouth.

Her finger hurt where she had just pricked it with one of her fangs.

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