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What a wonderful weekend. The joys of camping out on the 4th.

I got to take the family camping this weekend and it was one of the best weekend vacations I have ever had.

And my family is the reason why.

We went to Midian, a new camp ground and festival area between Bloomington and Bedford Indiana. Midian is owned by a group of our friends and after just two months, was rented out for a major festival. After talking to them about that success, they mentioned having a pitch in dinner with a few fireworks on the fourth and then a clean up day for the grounds on the fifth.

The wife and I decided this would be fun.

So, we packed up the kids and a whole bunch of my tools and headed out. I was worried that it would be a problem for my boys, 7 and 9, who don’t much like getting away from computers, TV and games all that much, but this was their first camping trip beyond the borders of our farm, so we were hoping they would be alright.

I also packed my baby, my reason for cooking, my smoker.

We got there and everyone was sitting around, taking it easy on Friday. Saturday would be the work day, but not the 4th. So, I set up the smoker, helped put up some playground equipment for all the kids that showed up and pitched a tent.

As the evening went on, I ended up cooking a whole lot more meat that I had figured I would. We had brought ribs and whole chickens, but others brought in sausages and brats and hot dogs that I smoked as well. These were all a first and to my surprise, they turned out very well.

The fireworks that had been donated were amazing. There was a whole lot more than fountains and roman candles. There were a bunch of the big mortar shells and the show ended up being competitive with any of the professional shows I have seen in my area.

Then, we got serious with our fun. The fire tenders lit the main fire and I joined the drummers. People danced around the flame, kids included, until the little ones went to bed. We kept playing and dancing into the night and everyone had a blast.

The next day, my wife and I started cleaning out the area we camped in. We removed stumps, pulled weeds, cut down small trees and dug up rocks. By the time we called it a day, our brush pile was close to four feet tall.

It looked a lot better.

I don’t know how you celebrated your holiday, but mine turned out to be wonderful. We accomplished something useful and got to spend time with our friends. My boys made new friends and were happy to have given up their electronics and AC. The trick will be to get them to do the same thing at home.

Wish me luck. I don’t when we will get to go back, but I know that we will.

L. E. White


Nancy bit her lip as she smiled. Her eyes were half closed, blocking out as much of her surroundings as possible while still being able to see where she was going.

Her long curls bounced in time to the rhythm of the drummers as they pounded out an eclectic rhythm on ten djembe drums. The night air was cool; kissing her skin to remove the perspiration and chill whatever side was away from the fire.

Nancy spun and twirled, her body was the center of a swirling riot of colors as the silk scarves whirled away from her like the blades of a kitchen blender. Her feet stomped into the sand, pushing up between her toes so that when she lifted her foot a spray of grit flew away, hiding the bells around her ankles in a puff of fog like powder.

The festival was huge, one of the largest she had ever attended. There were so many new faces in the crowd that Nancy lost track of names. For every dozen new people she met, there were two dozen that she only saw walking by. There were far too many people to get to know in a single weekend.

Yet the girl at the edge of the ring stood out from the rest.

As Nancy went by, she watched the crowd. She would smile and wave at old friends or reach out and beckon new ones to join her in her dance. When she saw the slender brunette she stumbled, shocked by the intensity of her stare.

Nancy recovered and continued around, looking for the woman as soon as she was around the fire. The ghost of a girl, pale and tall with hair so blonde that is was almost white, stared at her with a hungry expression that reminded Nancy of a man who wanted to be alone with her. The woman was full of desire and her eyes blazed with longing.

The men might not be able to coax Nancy away from the fire, but that girl could.

Nancy stretched her arm out, wiggling her fingers, but the girl did not move. She just stood there, arms straight down at her sides, staring at Nancy.

She dropped her arms and did two quick twirls, letting the flow of the dancers carry her around like the time she had ridden the sea on a surf board.

Nancy was on the other side of the fire, wondering if she should leave the line to reach for the girl, when an ice cold pair of hands took ahold of her shoulders.

She squeaked before she saw who it was. The pale woman was beside her, pulling her out of the line of dancers to stand in between them and the crowd.

“Hi,” Nancy said. She opened her mouth to finish introducing herself when she was stopped by a pair of cold, thin lips on her mouth.

The woman pulled Nancy closer, sliding her tongue into the dancer’s mouth as she pressed their chests together. Nancy stiffened in surprise, but then melted into the kiss.

“My god you are cold,” she said, giggling a little.

“Warm me up?” The woman’s voice was soft and a little scratchy. It sounded like she was a heavy smoker who lived by drinking straight bourbon for years.

“Okay,” Nancy said. She looked at her cold friend. “Dance with me around the fire and I bet you warm up a lot.”

“That is not what I had in mind.”

The whispered response sent a wave of goose bumps down Nancy’s spine. The girl leaned over, placing a kiss on Nancy’s throat that made her arms tremble.

The pain was sudden and sharp. Nancy tried to jerk away as she said, “Ow. Don’t bite,” but when she pulled backwards, the woman’s arms tightened, crushing the air from her lungs.

Nancy’s hands fluttered at the girl’s hips, trying to smack her away. She heard another woman scream and wondered why, before she found herself lying on the fire warmed sand.

She glanced up and watched the thin girl grab one of the men who took care of the fire. She dragged him down to her height, forcing his knees to buckle as she buried her face in his neck.

Nancy tried to yell, but her voice wouldn’t come out. She thought that the fire must have been dying behind her because the light was fading, narrowing her vision into a tunnel like she was looking through a kaleidoscope.

She watched the beautiful woman drop the fire tender before turning around. Nancy saw the wide, red, stripe that ran down the woman’s face and neck to roll over her breasts and stain the front of her dress. The woman hissed and disappeared from Nancy’s line of sight.

Her eyes moved, and the shrinking tunnel focused on the vacant stare of the fire tender. His mouth was moving, reminding her of a fish out of water that was trying to catch its breath. There was a red mess below his chin, but the fire must have finished going out because Nancy couldn’t see him through the darkness any more.


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