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One of Those Weeks

I am writing this post on Monday, and it is already a week that determined the title. That says a lot for how it is going to go.

Good news items. I will be having a story published in Under the Bed Magazine next month. I mentioned it last week and I will mention it again. Just so we don’t forget.

I have just finished the final edit on chapter 20 of 26 for my first completed novel. At the rate the editing is going, I will be writing a query and synopsis next week. You can expect some form of teaser on here.

Bad news items. I just received another pile of rejections for other work. One of them stands out. The market is Freeze Frame Fiction. No stories over 1,000 words. That is fine, but the thing that they are doing is sending along the user feedback with the story. That, is eye opening.

It isn’t eye opening in terms of what they are saying, but in terms of polishing my work. It is very helpful to have someone tell you what they did or didn’t like about a story. If you aren’t submitting to publishers, you might not know, but feedback is unusual. It is one of the most helpful things you can get, and it is as rare as gold in a river.

I will be submitting more to them, whether they like it or not.

The other bad thing is that I just hit writers block. I had a horrible time coming up with something to write for this post. Hell, I wrote the post before the story. Usually, it is the other way around. I figure this means it is time to head into the ideas folder to see what’s there.

The only problem with that is sticking to writing outside my normal areas. If I can’t manage to come up with a new piece of any quality, assuming I ever publish quality, you will be seeing the story that was just rejected by Freeze Frame. It’s called Voyeur. Just so you can keep score.

Take Care

L. E. White

Sneak Thief

“Are you sure about this Tommy?”

Tommy brushed his long, black hair back off of his forehead and behind his ear. “Yes, I’m sure.”

The pair moved forward, taking small, quiet steps. They both looked around, like meerkats watching for predators.

“Brian,” Tommy said. “Go up to the corner and peek around it. Let’s see if anyone knows we’re coming.”

Brian looked at Tommy with wide eyes. “Why do you want me to peek around? Why don’t you do it?”

“Shhhhh,” The taller of the pair looked back over his shoulder again before turning his scowl onto his pale, skinny companion. “Quiet or it won’t matter if they are expecting us or not. They’ll know we are here anyway.”

Brian dropped his gaze. “Sorry Tommy.”

Tommy nodded and glanced back again. “The reason I want you to go peek is because your eyes are better than mine.”

Brian puffed up a little at the compliment before deflating as he worked his way down to the junction of two hallways.

Tommy waved his hand in the air in an impatient gesture to hurry his friend along. His hands were shaking and his lip was quivering. He bounced in place as he waited, his back to the wall and his head snapping from side to side.

Brian reached the end of the hallway and turned to look back at Tommy. Tommy gave him a thumbs up and motioned him forward.

Tommy watched Brian lean forward. His friend jerked his head back and turned to run down the hall towards him.

Tommy didn’t need to hear Brian yell the word run. He was running back towards the door as soon as his friend had pulled back from the corner.

A hidden security camera was pointed towards the side entrance they had entered through. The tape recorded the door bursting open. It saw Tommy start to go out, and then something jerked him back into the darkness inside the door.


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  1. August 29, 2014 at 1:25 PM

    Oh, oh my!

  2. September 2, 2014 at 5:12 PM

    But never actually seen on camera. The nasties can’t leave visual evidence of their existence.

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