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The hits just keep on coming

Well, my first round of queries went out. I submitted to ten agents, and now I get to wait for a while as they review the submission. I have already received one rejection, which I thought was fast.

I have also submitted a couple of poems on Persephone to Pantheon magazine. They were also rejected.

Like I said, the hits just keep on coming.

Oh well, the other thing that is coming is Halloween. This year looks like it is going to be more fun than usual, and we are hoping to celebrate in new ways. I can’t wait.

L. E. White

By The Way – This post went up early because I hit publish rather than schedule. I didn’t change the time on purpose. I will try to get it right next week.


Tammy walked down the street, stumbling as she tried to balance on her heels after both bottles of wine. The wind was cold, whipping around her bare legs as the stretchy skirt worked its way higher.

“Do you see that,” John asked. He nudged Mark to get the tall, thin man to turn and look down the street.

“Yes I do,” Mark said. He stood up from the wall and stretched, his spine popping as he did so. “I believe she may be in need of some assistance getting home tonight.”

“I do believe you are right brother.” John shifted his jacket as he started toward the little brunette. “I do believe you are right.”


She could remember them walking up beside her, one on either side. They had asked if she was okay. They had asked if she needed help. The men had each offered to help her, and she had thrown one arm over each of their shoulders.

“My heros.” Tammy could remember giggling as she let them lead her down the street and into and alley.

“Where are we?” They hadn’t answered her question. The men had started grabbing and rubbing. They had started pulling her cloths and the whole world started to spin.

When she lost her balance, they helped her lie down on the pavement. She could remember the little rocks poking into her back as one of them had crawled on top of her. She had looked up past his shoulder at the moon.

The full moon.

Tammy thought she had said stop, but she wasn’t sure.

Now, her dress was shredded. The stretchy black fabric was split in places. The dress now showed enough skin to get her arrested.

At least the black hid the blood. There was red from her finger tips to her elbows and she was sure her face was covered. Judging from the pieces of thug that were splattered around the alley, she wouldn’t be surprised if every inch of skin was red.

“I hate it when I roll around afterwards,” she said as she stood up.

Tammy took one last look around. Seeing the skull with the lower jaw ripped off and the boot with an ankle still sticking out of it. She sighed, and started making her way down the alley. “I really need to set a phone reminder about the moon.”

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