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Better late than never

I opened the directory where I had written a short story to post this week, and the document was empty.

That sucked.

So, I didn’t have anything much to say this week outside of the story. I have stories submitted and I am waiting on responses. I have stories I am working on and I have poetry I am writing. Not much that is new worthy.

Considering that this weeks offering to the muses just died a horrible electronic death, I am going to post a story that I wrote a few years ago. This one was published by Sirens Call Publications in one of the early volumes of their e-zine. You can get this and other great stories from them for free by going here.

L. E. White

Duck, Duck, Goose

She didn’t know how long she had been in the box but she was sure that more than a day had passed. Urine puddled around the soles of her shoes where she hadn’t been able to hold it anymore and the smell was terrible. The box was about three feet on each side so there was enough room to sit or crouch but no more. She hadn’t been given any food since ending up in the crate and the gnawing pain in her stomach fought for her attention with the cramps in her lower back and legs.

She fought to keep control of her body as her guts twisted with their need to be emptied. As bad as the urine was she couldn’t imagine the smell if she actually took a dump in the corner of the box. The holes near the top might let air in but they wouldn’t let enough smell out.

Light blared into the box and she shifted to her knees while trying to peer out of the vents.

The room was filled with similar boxes and she could see eyes looking out of some of the closest. A large man opened one box and drug a small black woman out of it. Cuffs were slapped on thin brown wrists and the girl was hung by them from a chain in the center of the room.

The man rolled a toolbox over and opened it before stepping out of view. The girl looked into the box and started begging. “Please don’t! I’ll do anything you want! Please!”

He stepped back into view and shoved a ball gag into the woman’s mouth. Hitching breaths and mumbled pleas continued for a few minutes as he stood back with his arms crossed. When everything finally quieted down a little a deep voice said, “It’s time to have some fun.”

She bit her knuckle, crying and flinching as he had his “fun” with the hanging woman. She tried to turn away but the muffled screams and agony filled grunts refused to allow her to do anything but watch as one horror after another was inflicted on the poor girl. She turned and puked behind her when the girl had her gag removed and was offered a chance to end it by wrapping her lips around a cold snub nose. The sound of sobs and vomiting inside the crate didn’t cover the thunderous crack of the pistol that followed the decision.

After a few minutes she looked out again but the body was nowhere to be seen. The big man walked into view and approached another crate close to hers. He slapped the top of it and yelled, “Duck.”

He stepped closer to her and slapped another crate, “Duck.”

Closer again, “Duck.”

Shadows danced across the back of her crate as he stepped in front of it. Her bowels released as the crate rattled with the force of his hand landing on the wood above her.


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