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Coffin Hop #8 The final installment of Feeding

This is a long piece, but I had to finish up. Thanks for Coffin Hopping with me, I will be contacting the winner of the contest next week.  I had fun with this story, and I didn’t know where it would end until I typed that last line. I hope you enjoy it and that you have enjoyed the story as a whole. Happy Samhain. Happy Halloween. Happy Friday.

L. E. White


Clare held her head in her hands, shaking and crying. She was hurting so much, like she had just been punched in the chest. She knew Josh was dead. She knew all the others were dead.

She knew something was coming for her.

When she had walked into this house, she had felt a tension in the air. As everyone took their places for the investigation, she had felt the building fill up with energy from their living presence.

When the first one died, Clare felt like she had fallen into a pan of hot water. She had flushed with it before it went away and she could feel the loss of presence. She knew someone died, and she had scrambled up the stairs to get help.

Of course, the door was stuck.

Now, she was crouched down at the bottom of the stairs. Clare rocked back and forth, from heel to toe, hugging her knees while hot tears streaked down her cheeks.

They were all dead.

Josh was dead.

She stared into the darkness around her, at the ghostly shapes of posts in the darkness of the basement. Faint light trickled in through dirty little windows, but she didn’t look away from the darkness. As far as she was concerned, the darkness was all that was left.

Clare raised her head and turned to face the door to the kitchen. She could feel something moving around above her. It wasn’t the warm glow of a person. To her, it felt more like a spoon stirring a pot. It was the just a lump moving around, leaving a ripple in its wake.

A soft green light began to glow in the kitchen above her. It outlined the door, and was getting brighter as she felt the presence getting closer.

As she looked at the light, she felt a soft touch on her arm. When she looked back down, she saw a small black spider step off her shirt sleeve and onto her arm.

Clare jumped up, slapping the nasty, crawling thing off of her. She clicked on her light and spun in a tight circle. There were spiders everywhere.

Clare jammed a hand into her pocket and grabbed the big rosary that she had slipped in. The moment that she touched the beads, the spiders disappeared. She looked and the floor and the ceiling, shinning her light around the empty room, but finding nothing. She let go of the rosary, and a spider crawled into the beam of her flashlight.

She touched it again, and spider vanished. Something was trying to scare her. The spiders weren’t real.

Then she heard the lock click.

Clare knelt back down, and shifted the rosary deeper into her jacket pocket. When the door began to open, she pulled her fingers away. The spiders came toward her, and the green light at the top of the stairs vanished.

She listened to the soft foot falls on the stairs while fighting to keep from screaming as the spiders began to crawl over her. When she felt like her heart would explode, one touch to the rosary reset the nightmare.

Connor stepped onto the cold concrete, and looked at the tiny ball that Clare had squeezed herself down too. He smiled, as the spiders worked their way around her, drawing in a deep breath, inhaling the cloud of fear that surrounded her like he was sampling flowers in a vase.

He began to whisper to her. His voice was soft and almost musical when she was touching the rosary, but when she released it, she felt like she was telling herself that she had been abandoned by the others. She didn’t fight the voice, but continued to break it whenever she felt overwhelmed. He was trying to fill her with despair and to increase her fear. He was trying to get her to do something stupid.

He wanted her to kill herself.

Clare jumped up and ran to one of the basement windows. She swung her arm back and forth, trying to dislodge the spiders so that she could open it and crawl out but the harder she fought, the bigger and more aggressive the spiders became.

She stumbled back, and the voice inside her head became stronger. It was getting more insistent, and she began to hyper ventilate. She darted towards the stairs, weaving and ducking to avoid the spiders before pounding her way up to the top. She knew that the door was open, she had been touching the rosary when Connor came down, but now, it looked like it was closed and covered with spiders.

When she got to the top of the stairs, Clare jammed her hand into her pocket and pulled the rosary out. The moment she touched it, the spiders and the closed door disappeared.

She turned around and faced Connor. His stood near the bottom of the stair, his mouth hanging open as he looked at the cross and beads hanging from her fist.

“You killed them all, didn’t you?”

He smiled and licked his lips, leaving a trail of glowing spittle droplets on his lips. “You can’t blame me. I haven’t eaten in almost a year.”

Clare curled her lip but didn’t move. “You are finished.”

“Really? And what, may I ask, are you going to do to me?” He crossed his arms above his distended stomach. “You can’t kill me, but I can kill you.”

“Not from down there you can’t,” she said.

“Are you going to stand there, barring my way until I die?”

Clare took the rosary in both hand and pulled. The strand broke and she laid the beads in a line across the doorway. She made a few small adjustment to straighten it, and then she backed into the kitchen by a step.

The moment she backed away, Connor flew towards the door. His hands reached for her, but couldn’t cross the threshold. Connor roared and pressed his face against the invisible barrier, making him look like a child pressing his face against a window. “This won’t hold me. I will find you and rip your skin from your bones.”

Clare backed further into the kitchen, watching Connor beat against the invisible wall for a moment before turning and running to the study.

She screamed when she saw the body at the foot of the stairs. She screamed again when she saw Josh’s body. He was lying face down in a pool of blood but she couldn’t bring herself to roll him over. Clare couldn’t touch his body.

She looked around the room. Her eyes darted from place to place, searching for anything that might help. She had seen the beads of the rosary jiggle as Connor pounded on the barrier that they formed. He wouldn’t be in that room long.

She looked at the single window, looked back at Josh’s body and then towards the stair. She took a deep breath, and then headed out of the study.


Connor hammered his fists against the lower corner of the door frame. He felt the skin on his knuckles split, and saw the flecks of glowing green that landed on the landing, and he continued to hammer away.

The beads were shifting, wiggling and rocking, but not enough to move away from the door frame. He had to get out. He couldn’t handle being locked away again. As he thought about the box he had been stuffed into when he was a child, he shifted and slammed his shoulder into the door frame.

The beads shifted.

Connor slammed his fingers down towards the gap that had opened. He couldn’t fit through.



When Connor stepped into the doorway of the study, he leaned against the frame. His head hung as he looked around the room, and glowing drops of blood fell to the floor. “I know you are in here,” he said. “I can feel you.”

Clare didn’t answer him.

There was an old desk and two chairs that had been left in the house. Josh’s body was still lying in front of the desk. Connor looked at the bottom of the desk, but he could see only its legs beneath it. The same was true of the chair that was standing upright.

He moved toward the chair that was lying on its side. As he approached, he noticed a small bump that extended out from the bottom of the chair.

Connor smiled.

“I see you.”

He flipped the chair into the air. It came down on top of the desk with a crash as he kicked the huddled form that had been behind it.

Todd’s body rolled away with the force of the kick.

Connor snapped around to see Clare heading through the doorway. He shot towards her, green light flaring, screaming as he went.

He ran into the barrier with so much speed that he could not stop himself. His arms collapsed a moment before his face hit. Connor felt his nose crunch a second before his vision flared in bright, multi-colored bursts of pain. He collapsed on the floor and howled while holding his face with his stinging, throbbing hands.

“Got ya.”

After a couple of minutes, he wiped his eyes and looked at Clare. She stood on the other side of the doorway, arms crossed over her chest. He lowered his eyes, and saw the two thick white bands of salt that went along the door frame. A little pile of salt on each side surrounded the edges of the doorjamb.

“The window is the same,” she said.

“I will get out of this and when I find you I will tear you to pieces.”

She lifted her hand up, and he began to scream.

As she walked out, orange light creating a halo affect around her head, she dropped the lighter, and crossed the threshold.

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  1. afstewart
    October 31, 2014 at 3:23 PM

    Loved the story, loved the ending.

  2. October 31, 2014 at 7:20 PM

    Such a great story Leonard! Thank you for sharing it with us 🙂

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