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I am a slacker

Well, if I get any further behind at NaNoWriMo, I will have to start over. I am pretty sure that I have reached the point where it isn’t possible to catch up.

So, I am going to keep updating my new novels progress, I am just not going to think of it as part of NaNoWriMo. Now, that doesn’t mean that I am quitting. If I manage to catch up, then I do and that is great. If I don’t, I am still updating the work every day.

I didn’t update at all this last weekend though and I am okay with that. The reason for my lack of writing was that I had the pleasure of working for the Geek Galaxy Comic and Toy Convention in Evansville Indiana.

It was wonderful.

My wife and I spent the weekend hanging out with great guests of the convention, running around doing odd jobs as needed, and getting a little free swag from a few of the vendors.

If you haven’t been to a convention like this, you need to go. You don’t have to be a diehard fan to enjoy it. All you have to do is go with an open mind and have some fun.

I know we are already looking forward to the Lexington Toy and Comic Convention. We will be working for the same wonderful organizers and both of us are excited. If you are close enough to go, I would pre-register. It is worth it.

A very short piece for you here, and then I am back to work on Oak, Ash and Thorn.

By the way, one of my contest winners has still not supplied me with an e-mail to contact them with. So, Michelle Willms, if you see this, I need an e-mail from you.

Later everyone.

L. E. White


Clay loved the feeling of the wind rushing through his hair. When he was a child, he would stand on top of the hill in the park and hold his arms out, letting the wind surround him. He would close his eyes and imagine flying as the hairs on his arms would shift in the breeze.

He was holding his arms out wide now, and the feeling of the air made him smile. His bangs were ruffling and his clothes pressed against him, the loose parts flapping like the wings on a flying squirrel.

He could smell smoke the smoke from the building fire as he rushed along. When he opened his mouth, he could taste the dust thrown up by tons of concrete crashing down in a rush.

When he opened his eyes, he saw the body of the woman who had been thrown out of the window just before he had jumped. They were close to the ground, and if he was going to save her, he had to hurry.

He shifted his focus from the joys of flight back to the metaphysics that would allow him to speed up. He pulled his arms in, to reduce the drag, and shifted his body.

The time to enjoy a memory was over. The time to be a hero had come. He would have to sacrifice his new identity to save her life, but just like every other time, it was worth it.


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