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Happy Thanksgiving

I am not saying much today. Enjoy your family. Love your relatives, even the ones that piss you off. Be thankful for what you have and have a happy and safe holiday.

And for god’s sake, stop shopping. Take the time to enjoy what you have and help make sure that others will be able to stay home and spend time with their families instead of ringing up your purchases. All of that stuff will wait until Friday.

L. E. White


Good Boy

I knelt down, putting my ass against the trunk of an old pine tree so that it would shield me from the snow. I was resting on my heels, not letting my pants touch the soggy earth.

Merlin came up beside me and put his head in my lap. The spaniel didn’t worry about the weather, he was just happy to be outdoors with me.

I sat the butt of my shotgun on the ground and leaned the barrel up beside my head. The gun was a little taller than I was in this position, but my hood protected my ears from touching the cold metal.

“Good boy,” I said.

I like to think he grinned at me, but I am not really sure. I know that he scooted closer.

I didn’t have to stay here. We could be back home in less than a half of an hour. Merlin and I could be back at the house, cleaning the quail and listening to the television. I could be sitting in front of the fire place, brushing burrs out of his coat and throwing them into the fire.

But that would wait.

Here I was, sitting with my best friend. We were safe and happy. For once I didn’t have to be anywhere. For a few minutes, I didn’t have to do anything.

So I scratched the dog’s neck while we watched it snow.

“Good boy.”

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