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D.O.M.R.A.D. #2

No post, just more story.

L. E. White

D.O.M.R.A.D. #2

The four of them stood up and Haley raised her hands up. “Please leave your bags beside your chair. You will not need them for this portion of the tour and they will be waiting for you in your rooms when you get there.”

Sam noticed that the goth kid hesitated to leave his bag. Haley just smiled at him and nodded towards the side of his chair. He frowned and dropped his old army pack.

They walked down a long hall that had frames on either side. There were photos of different groups, but Sam didn’t recognize any of them.

“AT DOMRAD, we are more than just research and development. We build tools and weapons to be used in the field whenever a magical event occurs. We are basically a bunch of scientist that work with magic.”

“You mean magic like illusions?”

Haley looked over her shoulder at the black guy. “Your name was Walter wasn’t it?” She turned forward after he gave her a nod. “Well Walter, when you say illusion, I assume you are thinking of stage magic.”


“We don’t do anything that isn’t real. When we say magic, we are talking about the ability to mentally gather, program and release forms of energy in our environment.”

Sam shook his head and looked at the girl. “I’m confused.”

She nodded as Haley led them through a door and up to a security desk. They each grabbed a name badge and pinned it on.

Haley walked into a small conference room. “A few of the team members will be joining you in just a moment. Each of you will be taken on an individual tour and they will do the best that they can to answer all of your questions. Before I go, would any of you like something to drink?”

Sam raised his hand. “Yes please,” he said.

“What would you like Sam.”


Haley turned towards an open top cooler and extended her hand. A bottle lifted out and flew across the room to sit on the table in front of Sam. He stared at the bottle with wide eyes before looking back up at Haley.

“Anyone else?”

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