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Happy Birthday to my family and D.O.M.R.A.D. #3

I like getting to say Happy Birthday to my wife in this post. Now I have proof that I didn’t forget. 🙂

I also get to say happy birthday to my oldest son. He turned 21 yesterday.

And tomorrow, my older sister will be celebrating her #### ‘th birthday.

Yeah, the end of February is very busy for my family. But at least there will be cake.

I don’t have much to say on the writing front this week. I am writing and editing multiple short stories and two of them are due for submission by the end of this month. I am busy.

Finally, I am sorry that this weeks installment is a little long. The problem with turning world building into a serial is that it is slow and full of exposition. I promise that this will get more interesting, but I have a lot of setup that I need to get down for this part. I promise that something will either die or explode next week.

hehehe — Go Boom.

L. E. White

Department of Magical Research and Development


“I don’t believe this,” Dave said as he rolled a bottle between his hands.

“There has to be some kind of a trick,” Walter said. He shook his head as he stared at the bottle of juice in front of him.

The three guys jumped when Charity’s bottle hissed. She gave them an apologetic grin and sat the lid to her bottle of sparkling water on the table.

“You are not going to drink that are you,” Dave asked.

“It’s just water.”

“Like hell it is. For all we know they put something in it so that the guide could make it look like she was telekinetic.”

Sam opened his mouth to say something but snapped it shut when the door opened. Two men and two women walked into the room.

Sam blinked to be sure he wasn’t seeing things when he looked at the four of them. They took seats around the room, and though they had walked in at the same time, he would have been hard pressed to see any connection.

The first guy was black and he sat down beside Walter. When Walter was tall the other guy was short. Where Walter was slim and in shape, the man who sat down beside him had three chins and his arms were so fat that he had creases at his wrists. “I’m Joey,” he said, extending a pudgy hand to Walter. “Nice to meet you.”

“Walter.” He shook Joey’s hand, but frowned when he did it. Joey turned to look around at the others and missed it when Walter rubbed his palm against his pants leg.

A pale woman with very pale hair sat down next to Dave. She was so thin that Sam wondered if she might be anorexic or something. She wore a bright yellow sun dress, but it was obvious that she hadn’t been out in the sun for years. She shook nodded a greeting to Dave and said, “Amelia.”

The other man sat down next by Sam and extended his hand. “I’m Tom.”


They looked each other up and down. Tom was so dark that Sam wondered if he would be considered black or not. His head was bald and he was much older than the rest. Sam would have guessed that Tom was in his sixties, but he couldn’t be sure. The guy’s hand shake was firm and he gave Sam the impression that he wouldn’t say much.

The last adult, a woman with long, straight brown hair, sat down beside Charity. “Hi, I’m Elese,” she said with a bright smile. “Charity?”

Charity nodded, but didn’t say anything else.

They all sat in silence for a moment before Tom stood up. “We would like to thank you for coming. Each of us will be guiding one of you around and after we finish the general portion, we will be taking you to our work areas and showing you what we do.”

Elese sat forward. “We are also supposed to answer any questions that you have. Now, we each had to do this ourselves so we thought a quick explanation might go a long way.”

Joey rubbed his hands together. “First, yes, magic is real. For our purpose here, magic is the intentional, mental, manipulation of energy. When people talk about being telekinetic or clairvoyant, our society thinks of that as psychic phenomena. Tell them its magic, and they scoff.”

Amelia nodded. “There are three kinds of people who can control magic. We believe that each of you are one of those. Magical aptitude displays in all sorts of ways depending on which of the three types you are.”

Walter raised his hand and all four of the guides paused and looked at him. “The first lady said that we had been identified and watched. Can you explain that to me?”

“Sure,” Joey said. “As kids go through school, counselors and state agencies give tests and conduct interviews. We monitor all of those tests as well as medical records, watching for the indicators.”

“What indicators,” Sam asked.

Joey looked at him and smiled. “Stories of hauntings or poltergeists. Weird phenomena like raining rocks or specific weather patterns.”

Elese was grinning when she said, “For example, each of you told stories about your homes being haunted. In Charity’s case, one house even went through an exorcism.”

“Yeah,” Amelia said. “Hauntings can be spirits that are using the magical power of the people in the house to manifest. That was the case for all four of you.”

“Wait,” Charity said. “You mean that the hauntings were our faults?”

“No,” Amelia said, shaking her head. “The spirit in that house was capable of drawing power from you like using a battery. The spirit was already there.”

The four teens were quiet for a minute, each thinking about their childhood, before Tom said, “Anyway, we said there are three types of magical people. But what type of person you are affects your magical abilities.”

Dave lifted his hand but Tom held up one finger. “Let me tell you the types, then I will answer your question if you still have it.”

Tom looked a little pissed, but he lowered his hand.

“Each person has an amount of magical energy that is stored in their body. As you practice and learn to use it, you will get stronger. It works just like weight lifting.”

Amelia shook a finger in the air as she said, “But there are limits to how much your power will increase. You can get stronger, but your natural talent will put you into a specific range. Kind of like a weight class for fighting. You can move up and down a class, but you can’t really move from feather to ultra heavy.”

Each of them nodded when Joey looked at them, and he smiled before continuing. “The low power people, or lesser talents, are the most common. If you think of magic like batteries, they go from a watch to a car battery in voltage. Almost everyone you meet is a lesser talent. Most of us fall into that category. You usually have one or two tricks that you are good at, and you can learn a few others, but that is about it.”

“When we work together, the total power is increased for each person,” Elese said. “So places like this are where lesser talents join together to get things done.”

Tom held a finger up to Charity when she raised her hand. “The next group is like hooking car batteries in series and go all the way up to small generators. They are called Gifted, and in their case, they usually have some sort of magical blood.”

All four teens started to raise their hands, but Tom smiled and lifted his hand again. “It is possible for some magical creatures to breed with humans. The result is a human with more magic due to their parents.”

“The last type,” Joey said. “Are the major talents. These people are like major power plants or nuclear explosives. Tons of power and they can do the stuff that you see in books and movies.”

“They are very rare,” Else said. “There are only a dozen or so in the world at any time.”

Tom looked around the group. “Does that answer most of your questions?”

Sam, Charity and Walter all nodded. Dave shook his head and lifted his hand.

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