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D.O.M.R.A.D. #4 – Edited!

Just the story. I hope you enjoy it.

L. E. White

*** EDITED ***

This was listed as #3 because I got the numbering wrong. If you came to this post because of a notification, I am sorry. I goofed.

Department of Magical Research and Development

# 4

“Okay,” Tom said. “What’s your question Dave?”

Dave lowered his hand and cleared his throat. “Are you sure that we are all minor talents?”

Amelia perked up, showing a wide, toothy grin. “No. If you have non-human blood somewhere in your family and we don’t know about it, then you might, with training, reach the mid-range.”

“So you have to train to be able to use your powers,” Walter asked.

“Right,” Joey nodded as he answered. “Just like working out.”

“How are you sure that none of them are major talents,” Sam asked. “If you have to train it, then how do you know?”

Tom looked at Sam for a moment, his eyes narrowing as he did so. “Major talents display differently. Just like intelligence. You can study to learn more and be able to do more, but studying won’t make you smarter. Your IQ doesn’t really change over time. Magical power works the same way. Yes, you can train your power to be able to use it, but it is a mostly set value.”

Charity began to open her mouth and raise her hand, but Elese stopped her. “Would you guys rather see some of what we are doing? Maybe see if you can help us?”


Amelia led Dave to a small room that was covered in pink. As he looked around, he raised on eyebrow, his lip curled up in disgust.

“Not a fan of pink?”

He shook his head no, but didn’t say anything else.

“Every one of us that works her has our own lab,” she said. “You may decorate yours in any way you wish.”

She motioned for him to follow her, and they walked over to a table that was covered tools and scrap metal. “My primary talent is binding spirits to items.”

Dave pressed his lips into a tight, flat line and gave her a slow nod.

Amelia grinned and handed him a box. “Take a look at the crystals in here.”

When he picked up one of the stones after opening the lid, Dave started feeling like he was drunk. “What the fuck,” he said, dropping the box and covering his mouth with his hand.

“The spirit in the stone tried to communicate with you. If you had been able to hear it, it would have tried to make a deal with you to get its freedom.”

Dave dry heaved, and Amelia handed him a small trashcan.

“These spirits are pretty simple,” she said. “I move them from the crystal into one of these pieces of metal that I call a cage. I put a symbol of containment on the metal and then the tech guys put the cage into a rocket propelled grenade.”

Dave was starting to get some color back without having vomited. He shook his head just a little. “Why?”

Amelia’s face lit up with excitement as she answered. “Because when the grenade goes off, the explosion releases the spirit. Then it is free to run around and tear stuff up until someone can banish it or re-bind it.”

“So what good is that?”

“Let me show you.”


Amelia led Dave out to a practice area which had a bunch of vehicles and equipment in it. The walked up to a table and Amelia picked up the launcher lying on it. “This is an RPG launcher. I want you to face that car out there.”

Dave turned his head to look at it.

“No Dave,” she said. “I want you to turn your body and face it.”

After he did, his guide sat the RPG on his shoulder and helped him get his hands into place. “When you are ready and you have the cross hairs on the car, pull the trigger.”

He grinned when he fired.

The grenade exploded on impact, sending a plum of black smoke into the air. As Dave watched, the fire took shape, molding into the form of a large man. It threw its arms into the air as if it were celebrating a great victory, then charged at the truck that was next in the line.

When the flames rushed around it, another explosion shook the ground.

The spirit managed to get to four of the cars before it ran out of fuel. The fire dropped in size, moving from raging blaze to wisps of smoke in seconds, and then Dave could make out the form of a child that was shrinking as its legs crumbled. It fell to the ground with a crash, and crumbled into dust.

“What the fuck?”

“I know, right?”

Dave looked at Amelia, and he could see light shooting out of her eyes like high beams.

“The spirit, as you just saw, is very dangerous. They are creatures of fire, and they rage around, destroying anything they can touch, until running out of fuel. Then, they die and we summon new creatures.”

“You did that?”

“Kind of,” Amelia said. “I worked with a group to build up enough energy to summon it. I can bind it by myself, but I have to have help to bring it over and lock it into a crystal.”

Dave stared, his jaw hanging open, until A,elia led him away.

As the walked down the hall, Dave shook his head. “What the hell do you call that thing after you bind it to the missle.”

“I still call it a RPG,” she said. “Only after they put the plate into it, it stops being a rocket propelled grenade and transform into a rocket propelled gremlin.

Dave actually laughed out loud while following his guide to what he hoped was another explosives demonstration.

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