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Lexington Comic and Toy Convention plus D.O.M.R.A.D. #5

I am really excited. The wife and I will be working at the Lexington Comic and Toy Convention this weekend. You will be able to expect another post about the wonderful people, complete with lots of pictures of the cos-players, next week. If you are in the area, I hope I get to see you there.

I am also looking forward to getting a bunch of Miskatonic University shirts.

Until then, I hope you enjoy another installment of world building.

L. E. White

Department of Magical Research and Development

# 5

Charity followed Elese down a long hall that was covered with photos. Each photo showed a group of soldiers, a few included people in lab coats.

“These are pictures of the special forces teams that our group has worked with over the years,” Elese said. “In a few special cases, we even get to be in the picture.”

“Why do you work with special forces teams,” Charity asked.

“Most of what we research is for military application. Magic is a very powerful force in nature, but it has some very real limits. Because of that, we try to find creative ways to apply what we know. The government is more willing to fund us if we are working for it rather than for humanitarian efforts.”

Charity stopped and Elese turned around to face her. “You mean we would be working on killing people when we could be curing cancer or something?”

“Not exactly,” Elese said. “The thing is, that its really hard for us to use magic like what you’re thinking of. By being creative, we can find ways to accomplish things without expending a ton of power.” She stepped over to one of the photos and touched the frame. “With healing, there aren’t very many ways to get creative. You have to either eliminate the problem and let the body fix itself afterward or you have to speed up how the body fixes itself.”

She turned around to face Charity and offered her a weak smile. “I started out here researching healing. A lot of people do. None of us ever found a better way for things like cancer. In a way, cancer is its own form of life. It is very hard to change that without changing the person who is being treated in a bad way.”

Charity kept looking at one of the pictures, frowning.

“I am sorry, but everything has limits. Even magic.”

“What about the major talents?”

Elese smiled. “The last guy who tried to do something like that was able to help people, but he could only help one person at a time. He was one of the most powerful people who has ever lived.”

They walked on along the hall, both of them being very quiet.

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