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D.O.M.R.A.D. # 7

I hate US Air. We booked a flight for my daughter on Sunday, and they cancelled it. She lost a day of her vacation, and they did nothing.

The first flight had not had a connecting flight. The new one did. We asked them to have someone on the ground at the next stop to be sure that my underage daughter didn’t have trouble getting to her next plane. I didn’t want her stranded in a strange city.

They didn’t have anyone there. It was lucky that some of the other passengers were going to the same flight. She followed along with them.

What other industry do you take a persons money and fail to deliver, then make promises and fail to deliver, and still no be held accountable? This is horrible and I am very dissatisfied with the airline.

The problem is that you can’t do anything about it. The tell you what their policies are and if you don’t like it, tough. This is total bullshit, but if we don’t all work together to make a difference, nothing will change.

I keep telling myself that the important thing is that she made it. She didn’t miss out on all of her spring break and she is safe.

I am still pissed though. I would sacrifice someone’s heart to the dark gods if I thought it would help.

Enough griping, I hope you enjoy the story.

L. E. White

Department of Magical Research and Development

# 7

Tom opened the door to his lab and motioned for Sam to go in. “Alright,” he said. “Now that we have gotten away from the rest of them, I think its time to cut the shit.”


“You might not be a major talent, but you are really close.”

“No way,” Sam said. “There has to be some mistake.”

“There isn’t.”

“How do you know?”

“Because,” Tom said as he walked over to the second door. “They picked me to be your guide this week.”

When the second door opened, Sam’s jaw dropped. It wasn’t a closet, but another full room. There were large rings on the floor and symbols had been painted between the rings. Inside the ring, three naked women whithered around. At first, all Sam could focus on were the six bouncing, jiggling breasts that seemed to never hold still. Then, he curled his lip when he realized that the women were all connected. They looked like some kind of conjoined triplets, but they connected in multiple places.

“Give you credit,” Tom said. “Most teenage boys would have tried to just walk in and join them.”

Sam shook his head and stepped back into the door way.

“This is a demon,” Tom said. “A dangerous creature that feeds on the energy that binds your mind to your body. They eat people and leave them lying around like gum wrappers when they are done.”

“Why the hell do you have it in here?”

“Because they are useful. I will bind this one to a weapon and it will power it up, making it more dangerous. Think of them like adding a ton of dynamite to hammer before you hit something with it.”

Tom walked over and picked up an old revolver. “Come here.”

Sam worked for the next few hours, helping Tom to prepare the weapon. When they finished, Tom had Sam sit down on the rooms only stool.

“Watch carefully.”

Tom began to chant. Each word was deep and resonated in his chest. As he spoke, Sam felt the hair on his arms stand up. The symbols on the floor began to glow and they got brighter and brighter until Sam was forced to cover his eyes.

The light flashed off, the demon was gone, and the ratty old revolver looked brand new as Tom put it into a box.

“That was it?”

Tom laughed. “You just watched a man lock a demon into a pistol and you ask if that was it?”

Sam shrugged and Tom laughed again as he led him out of the room.

“Alright Sam, time to get to the brass tack.”

“The what?”

“Old saying, means get to the bottom of things.”

Sam nodded.

“Most of the people here can’t do much more than feel energy. They do what they can and get together to do bigger things through team work. You understand?”

Sam nodded again.

“I don’t need to get a group together to do most of the things that I want to. You won’t either.”

“How do you know?”

Tom grabbed a crystal off of a shelf and tossed it to Sam. When he caught it, the stone lit up like an light bulb.

“Because it takes someone pretty high on the list to be able to ignite a light stone.”

“Kid, the major talents are one in a billion. You and I are probably one in a million. You will be able to do things the others will never consider. They won’t have the power to have even seen the chance, so they won’t think of it.”

Sam gulped.

“Do you think you would like to be able to see and do things that almost no one else in the world can even dream of?’

His answer was no more than a whisper. “Yeah.”

Tom smiled. “Good, now let’s see if you can help me summon another of those things.”

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