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I am feeling a little down so just the story this week. Happy April Fool’s Day.

L. E. White

Department of Magical Research and Development

# 8

“Alright everyone, how was your day?”

The four kids looked at each other and nodded, smiling at their hosts before turning back to Haley.

“Well, if these four have struck you speechless, then it must have been a good tour.”

The guides excused themselves while the kids took seats around a small conference table. Haley stood at the head of the table with her hands behind her back.

“I realize that this is a lot to take in, but there are a few final things that we need to discuss. These are very important, so you need to pay close attention.”

Haley looked at each of them, and as her gaze moved along, the group looked at each other. When Haley was satisfied that she had their attention, she nodded and took her seat.

“Now, this is a lot. You have just been offered a chance at a free education in a field that none of you knew existed. You have been told that you can decline and continue on like normal, but that you can’t tell anyone what is really happening. Are we all in agreement?”

Four heads nodded in unison.

“Good, now we need to discuss a little bit more. As you may have guessed, we do this every year. Every year, we have people who leave the program or turn it down. Did it occur to you that this is an awfully big secret to keep?”

“Yeah,” Dave and Charity said. They both said it the same way. Drawing out the word in hesitation.

“The reason that works is simple. If you decide not to join us, we will use magic to erase your memory of today.”

“Bullshit,” Walter said.

Haley looked at him and shook her head. “Nope. We can do it.”

“What do you use, some kind of flashy thing like they did in the MIB movie?”

Haley smiled, but it was a sad smile. “No, we have a demon that will eat the memories out of your mind.”

Walter and Dave both looked shocked. Charity didn’t seem to think much of the threat, but Sam went white.

“No,” Sam said.

Haley looked at him, and this time her face looked sympathetic. “Afraid so.”

The other three looked at him, but nobody said anything else.

“So if you decide that you will or will not join today, we will proceed from there,” Haley said. “But remember this, because it is really important. Having memories removed is painful. The longer you have them, the more it hurts when the demon removes them. If you don’t want to do this and you say so now, it won’t be that bad. If you go home to think about it and then decide not to come here, it will be worse.”

“So instead of an option, now you are telling us that we join or get tortured?”

Haley shook her head at Charity. “No, it isn’t torture. The reason we tell you now is to try to get you to make a decision tonight. You are all staying here, think about it and tell me in the morning.”

“I don’t have too,” Sam said. “I want this.”

“Why,” Dave asked.

“Because I didn’t know what I was going to do with my life anyway. This is as good as any other option.”

Charity shook her head. “I don’t know.”

“You don’t have to know right now,” Haley said. “You have until the start of the fall semester. We just feel its important to tell you the truth up front.”

Walter nodded at Sam and turned to Haley. “I don’t need time either. I’m in.”

Dave nodded. “Me too, this seems really cool.”

Haley smiled and stood up. “Either way, you will have to fill out forms in the morning. For tonight, you each get to have a dorm room and hang out in the lounge.”

The four of them followed Haley out of the room. Charity was the last, walking with her arms wrapped tight around her and her eyes on the floor.

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