Just a story, I already talked on here this week.

L. E. White


Tracy looked out through the vent in the bottom of the door and wished that the angle didn’t keep her from looking up into the hallway. She couldn’t hear anything, but there was no way she was going to open the door.

The first thing that she saw was shadow. It was a splotch on the floor that grew darker as it got closer; a line that widened until the she couldn’t see any light in front of the door at all.

When the first claw came down in front of her door, she almost screamed. Tracy had no idea what it was when it attacked the hotel, all she knew for sure was that she had seen blood splash the glass wall between the pool and the lobby. Now, the curving black claw was resting on the carpet in front of her.

The door rattled, and Tracy put her fist into her mouth. She bit down to keep quiet and prayed that it would just walk away.

The door rattled again, and a low growl told her that it probably wasn’t going anywhere.

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