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Whistle while you work

I think this is a serial, but I don’t know exactly where it is headed. We will find out together.

L. E. White

Whistle while you work

Tomas ran his hand down the long, heavy wooden rod, feeling the symbols that had been carved into it. Each symbol had been cut with his knife, yet they were no more familiar than the language of the birds.

“A wonderful piece.”

Tomas turned toward the old man, bowing his head as he did so. “Thank You Master.”

The old man took the rod from Tomas and began to inspect it. He whistled and his breath changed. First it became visible, like steam spraying out of a tea kettle. Then it changed colors, going from white to blue to green as the magic took form. Tomas watched, his mouth hanging open, as the swirling spellsong wrapped around the rod like ribbons around a May pole.

One of the bands began to change, moving from blue to a light purple. When it turned red, the whistling changed, focused on a single, shrill note. The other ribbons faded away until only the red one remained, wrapping itself around a spot on the stick.

When he stopped whistling, the old wizard handed it back to the carpenter with a smile. “Only one spot left in two tries. That is amazing.”

Tomas took it back with a frown. “I am sorry Master Hennessy. It will be ready first thing in the morning.”

The wizard laughed and shook his head. “No. Take your time. Eat with your family and sleep with your wife.” He took the rod away and sat it on the bench. “You do not understand. This is usually a very slow process. In years past, I have waited months for a specimen as fine as what you made in two weeks.”

Tomas tried to hide his shock, but Hennessy’s laughter made it clear that he had not succeeded.

“Relax,” the wizard said again. “We have time.”

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