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Whistle While You Work #2

Grand Master Hennessy, who enspelled the MoMaMo and ended the war of Falling Suns, stared down from his window at the soft yellow line of light which came from Tomas’ work room. He shook his head and sighed.

“What is wrong?”

Hennessy turned toward his bed. “I am worried about Tomas.”


Leaving the window, he crawled under the blanket. “He is very skilled, but he is not familiar with the process. He is so focused on the result that he does not see the process. I fear that he will strive to excel beyond reasonability.”

The blankets covering the empty side of the bed rose into the air as if someone were blowing into a tight sack. The lumpy form continued to fill until it came to resemble the shape of a woman. Hennessy smiled as the air in that empty space shimmered and solidified into smooth dark skin. The head of his companion came into being with a long mane of shining white hair. Her back was turned toward him, so he reached up and placed a fingertip on one delicate shoulder.

Hennessy’s bedmate rolled over and looked at him with a wide smile. She winked both of her left eyes at him and said, “Is that one touch supposed to satisfy me for the eveing?”

“Oh no,” he said, the corner of his mouth lifting in a smirk. “I would not dream of calling the Mistress of the Smoke to my room for so little reward.” Hennessy placed his finger tip on the center of her throat and began to whistle. He moved his finger over her skin, tracing patterns that left a glowing streak on her skin as he went along. He moved, and her breathing sped up. His song got louder, and her eyes became heavy.

When he stopped whistling and began to sing, she arched her back and moaned. His voice was deep and rich, vibrating in the air so that it looked like steam was rising from his bed. Hennessy put his hand flat on her stomach, then pushed below the blanket as he dropped his voice to a whisper.

Her eyes closed and the entire bed lifted off the floor, shuddering in the air as she shuddered beneath his touch. She gasped and went slack. The bed fell and he laughed. “Is Lady JoTaugh satisfied with my humble, human efforts?”

The demoness pushed Hennessy onto his back before moving her hair behind her ears. “Will you risk me showing you my opinion of your magic?”

The Magus nodded, letting the magic of her song and its hummed notes wash away his worry and stress.

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