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Whistle While You Work #3

Tomas sat in front of his work bench, the rod resting in his hands. His eyes were closed as he slid his fingers back and forth along the wood. He changed direction, moving around the piece rather than along it as he searched for any imperfections.

He felt the tiny lump and smiled as he reached for the rough hide that he used for a smoothing cloth. Less than a minute later, Tomas was back to searching for blemishes.

“Are you going to stay up all night?”

Maleena stood in the doorway, the corner of her lips turning down in a small frown. Tomas smiled at her, letting his eyes travel up and down his wife’s body. “I think I am done.”

“I think you will be sleeping in here if I had not come to get you.”

The wood worker stood and stretched, the tips of his fingers brushing the beams above his head. “I am coming. I just need to clean up first.”

Maleena crossed the room and gave her husband a deep kiss. “Hurry.”

Tomas watched her walk out, noting the movement of her body under her night dress. The tools went into the drawers and the workbench was swept but then he stopped and held the piece again. He couldn’t feel anything else, but he was sure it wasn’t done.

He put the rod down and peeked out of his shop. Maleena wasn’t anywhere near the door.

Tomas walked back and picked up the rod again. This time, he held it close to his lips. He let out a soft whistle, doing his best to mimic Hennessy’s song. For a moment, he thought he felt the rod vibrate, and then nothing. He sighed, put his work down, and turned out the lantern.


Hennessy let out a loud snore. His eyes did not flutter and he did not move.

Beside him, the demon’s eyes popped open and began to glow. A smile spread across her lips as she considered the soft notes of music that were making her skin vibrate.

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